Friday, December 25, 2015

The Gathering of the Saints

The angels of a three year old who was fostered well were the seedbed of a 65 year old who traveled far and wide, mixed and mingled to have a one-man show.

The Gathering of the Saints around a seven year old boy to decide whether he would live or die was needed because certain parts of the boy needed replacement, could not be replaced and would never be as they were meant to be. St Lucy made a deal with St Dymphna that the eyes would see, but they would be connected to a brain which was rewired to transcend the normal. The Resurrected Jesus, in exchange for the young boy's life, would nail one foot to the ground which supported the boy throughout his life so he could move, but only so far. (Crippled Saint) squeezed the spine of the boy so as he aged, his spine would do so exponentially, henceforth further limiting the travels and adventures, and yet filling the brain with knowledge and the heart with compassion for what he was about to embark upon. St Thomas would accompany the boy for his life, causing doubt in all his endeavours. St Peter would walk on the right side of the boy for the entirety of his life so he would be able to bear the burdens, visions, and travails of those whose path he would cross.

Because of the inordinate physical and psychological challenges the boy was to endure to ensure his survival from this accident, Sts Cosmos & Damian stepped in and swore the youth would only have the best of medical care, changing not only the lives of the doctors, but ensuring his survival.

St Lazarus anointed the bloodied head of the boy, and his heart started beating in unison with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Prior to and after this moment, the boy grew into an unusually gifted and cursed man, who fought his way through challenges which lesser men would be stilled.

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