Monday, September 21, 2015

Cinderfella for a Day
Gio Benitez' Parisian Photo Proposal

Just when you thought I was (done with looking up the contact info for David Muir) finished with commenting on Gio Benitez and his "oh my God, he proposed spontaneously with the Eiffel Tower in the background photo(s)" I figured this wasn't sliding by my eyes. FIRST OFF: Best of everything to these guys. I see Mr Benitez on ABC News frequently and he seems like a nice guy. I know NOTHING about the other guy, but if he's good for Gio, then have at it boys. My gripe is STRICTLY about the photograph(s) (there are others, trust me). As a photojournalist, I recognize a moment when I see it, most likely after I've snagged (captured) it. I also know what spot news is, which is different than spotting a moment and snagging it. Spot news might be a fire, a car accident AS IT HAPPENS, or any of the other photographs you might find in the book MOMENTS: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs. Some photographs end up defining an absolute tragedy, and that may be rightfully so.

THIS, however, has HALLMARK CARDS written all over it. It's just so POSED I don't know whether to giggle or rip it to shreds. I have a hunch it's not going to go over all that well, and there will be a bit of kickback from it. LOVE IS NOT POSED. Love may be posed when you DO have a photographer around for a CASUAL moments (and a 200mm or 300mm lens) that you can tell one partner is really lost in the moment, lost in their lover's gaze or something like that. Love just really "happens" and for them, I hope it is chemistry.

Now. This photo. I'm actually laughing. I would expect this to be the result of some class assignment. What does it for me is the hand on the mouth of the other fellow. Ready? 1.2.3. HAND...Got it (motor drive on the camera).

But this is really an advertisement for the boys. I've always thought public proposals to be a big awkward (I'd say yes to a date, if asked in public on a Jumbotron) and a proposal so public loses almost everything, especially staged, just as this is. Now it falls into the realm of stock photography (which is really what it looks like in the first place).

I'm interested in the fallout, and the somewhat stifled giggles. I can't IMAGINE going back to work, at a news organization, and having people not stay anything. It's almost the same phrase for everyone: Gio, what a photograph!

All I got to say is I hope, truly, these guys have the best life together, and this dream really does come true. I'm not against it at all.

It's just this photograph......

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