Saturday, January 31, 2015

WOW. 30 days since I've posted? And my excuse is?

Lame, at best. I've been holding up the ship but posting on Facebook, where I actually have more FB real-life connections than the unknown 22 who subscribe to this. And yet, I've been hit 1.5+ million times.

While I love blogging (don't even start with what's hot lately, or cold, as the case may be), I find that my overactive imagination, nimble fingers on the keyboard keep me from shooting (hello! I'm a photographer, and I did complete a few great series, finally, after several years), I'm still edged by blogging. Personally, I'd bet that anyone I went to school with doesn't blog, barring one person.

But it's not about competition. It's about vomiting.

And I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

Oh. And 9 months til Hallowe'en. Let that gestate!

Enjoy the artwork, forwarded to me by a friend. On and off FB.


fatz said...

puke at will.

Fatz said...

not sure if my last comment posted, whatever, post sucka!