Saturday, February 15, 2014


Brutus Maximus | Triptych

Michelangelo Shoveling | 2014

Born in 1820 | Susan B Anthony
1999 Susan B. Anthony
recto v verso

Bohemian Rhapsody | QUEEN

This Day in the History of Rock Music | 1564
Galileo Galilei

And to think, without the birth of this man, how would this have changed the history of music with no reference point to "galileo" in art or in the history of world icons. But let's be blunt:

Say there WAS no word or name "galileo" what do you think Freddie Mercury could have sung? How would this change the song in its entirety? What would it be?

So knowing a little about "what happened this day" isn't a terrible thing. Sometimes the ramifications, sometimes the ripple. Same situation, different words.

New Work | 2014
Untitled (Neighbors)
Photo by Bernard M Lynch Jr

And to think it was also Valentine's Day! No love lost between these two units. And the shoveled side? He doesn't have kids, and did the shoveling in shorts (no lie!) The other side? He's got a job and three kids.

Someone's got the plow on front of their truck!