Friday, June 27, 2014


Friends, Romans, Countrymen & Women...

Sorry for the month+ long hiatus. Not only did I have one bunion done, but I had the second bunion both my big toes can fit into my officially sized 12.5 wide feet.

I saw way too many bad movies (most of them on Amazon Prime....really poor selection of movies!), and I had to have my feet elevated above my heart...and that's not the most comfortable position in the world for using a laptop.

And then I just flat-out "lost it." Creatively. I mean, I think of lots of stuff, always have a few dozen irons in the fire, but I just couldn't convert my mood to the web and literally fell off the blog wagon on Miss Grace Jones' birthday.

So now the bunions are close to healing, or are in the process of healing, I have to introduce everyone to Greyhound Rescue #3, and really put some great stuff out there.

My friend Rebecca (who taught me how to load a camera back in 1979) said she never worries about my leaves of absence.

Because she knows I'm going to come back bigger, faster, stronger, better.

So, all you OrangeMercury devotees....I'm back!

And that's a reason to be scared!

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