Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Did Mercury Know Mapplethorpe?
Did Mapplethorpe Know Mercury?

and ©2014 on the backstory, front-story, fist-fuck story, or any other story you can come up with regarding Freddie Mercury and Robert Mapplethorpe.

It's making me work harder on myself.

But there is a 1974 birthday tea time at 4p.

Mark it, ladies.

Let's get the math right, based on the above for any and all reference.

It appears PET SHOP BOYS were photographed, in 1986,
by Robert Mapplethorpe.

As established in the first, signed, photograph.

Then it appears that PET SHOP BOYS signed a book,
not currently available in the USA,
for the same person,
who also has obtained
Robert Mapplethorpe's autograph.




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