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Born 08 August 1952 | Robin Quivers
Am I guilty of racism?

Robin Quivers, Radio Personality

Howard Stern's Longtime Sidekick

I am not, by "normal" standards, a "racist." I've never been "a racist." People who know me will tell you "oh, he's color-blind." But Robin Quivers has managed to make me wonder if, indeed, I am racist.

I started listening to Howard Stern when he was only on AM radio and broadcasting throughout the Tri-State area. OMG! How the banter back and forth between Stern and Quivers would make me laugh. And that was pretty dangerous because it was "pm drive time" and 91S and 84W were bad enough to make you NOT want to blink!

But the stuff they would talk about. The zingers Robin would hit Howard back with. How could you NOT like Howard Stern? To me, he was the "Robert Mapplethorpe" of radio. He dared to go where others wouldn't. And sometimes, his signature line "take your top off" was just enough to send me into a fit of hysterics. And then Robin would weigh in on the boobs of the woman in the studio. Damn funny.

And Robin had the voice of caramel. Slightly husky, definitely devilish and sexy. But oh-so-smooth.

Race never entered into the equation.

Of course, she was white.

So for years, I listened to Howard Stern, and later, I started watching THE HOWARD STERN SHOW. I don't know if I knew about Robin when she was on the radio, or if I "found out" via the late-night television show.

Robin Quivers was black.

I couldn't believe it! She didn't SOUND black. But then again, what did "black" sound like? Ever hear a black Englishman talk? They speak like a Brit.

But it took Howard Stern, radio's bad-boy, to bring Robin Quivers to the fore, oh-so-quietly, but packing quite a punch.

So, Robin, thanks for teaching me that even the smallest throught running through my mind, randomly, can be racist.

I'm wondering still, how many people know you are, indeed, African-American!

You go, girl!