Friday, December 20, 2013

Syracuse University's Own
Jeffrey Tayler | Author
New book out now!
Inside FEMEN
The World's Most Provocative Activist Group

Inside FEMEN 
The World's Most Provocative Activist Group

This book is available ($2.99) on Amazon in the KINDLE format. Don't have a Kindle? Do you have an iPhone? Wander over to The App Store, search for KINDLE and there is an App available for KINDLE FOR iPhone FOR FREE! 

Amazing how men can wander the beaches of the world without a shirt on (read: topless) and when women go topless, it's a political statement!

With the upcoming Winter 2014 Olympics to be held in Russia in SOCHI, this is a powerful and timely read.

Now support our fellow alum Jeffrey Tayler and buy his book…and then you can read some of his other books, also available on Amazon, some available in Kindle-format as well!

Also the author of Siberian Dawn (1999), Facing the Congo (2000), Glory in a Camel's Eye (2003), Angry Wind (2005), River of No Reprieve (2006) and Murderers in Mausoleums (2009).

Check out Jeff's own Amazon page with a listing to all his books covering, basically, the four corners of the world!

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