Friday, December 13, 2013

Safe Sex = Biohazardous Trash

What's really funny about this is that I found it in front of TD Bank, the bank whose colors couldn't be holiday greener. So, there you have it. Red and green. Lots of people noticed the green that day, and I wonder how many the red. There was another guy, because he was wondering what I was doing photographing "something" with an iPhone, down on knees, kinda. Either way. I say it was on the DL and it was guys. Grindr, indeed.

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Fatz said...

HA! I've been there so many times. Actually today I had a really close encounter, shooting with an old guy about a half a foot from me looking at the same pile of toys as I shot man on man action in a thrift store, action figure mode. Check instagram, I'll post them soon. I've been on the side of the road so many times, shooting dead animals, knowing everyone who passes is like "what the hell?" I know that feeling of yeah, they are going to be so disgusted when they see it's a dead animal, condom or "Ken joins the the army". I definitely have a few used condom pics somewhere. But not red. Nice find.

talk soon