Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spay or Neuter your cats (and dogs)

I really love starting my day by seeing THIS in the middle of the road.

People: PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS! And if you are having a problem with feral cats or neighbors who keep letting litters going, call City Hall or Animal Control. Hell, I'm tempted to give you MY number so you can call ME!!!

This breaks my fucking heart to see this. And I'm sure more than a few people who passed me this morning on Highland Avenue thought I was nuts. If I had a shovel and a plastic garbage bag, I'd have buried this poor feline myself.

I mean, it's one thing that PEOPLE BREED IRRESPONSIBLY... but do something about your kittens and puppies. Because I'll tell you:

I'd dump this on your doorstep in a heartbeat to teach you a lesson.

And to the rotten bastard who knows they hit "something" in the road?

Thanks for stopping.

I hope your kids look both way before they cross  the street.

Come to think of it...I hope you haven't bred.

Mean bastard.

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