Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Madonna:
Ever heard of "The Newtown Shootings?"

Dear Madonna:

I'm a Connecticut resident. A single gay guy, with no kids. I'm not really a "fan" of yours, attended the "Confessions" show in Hartford, and ended up buying all your other concerts on DVD because, let's face it: you are pretty damn great "live." I was amazed. So I figure I wouldn't go to the shows because the DVDs have the best view, are cheaper, no travel to some far-flung venue, and no "fixed" visual line. Fair enough?

But I just bought MDNA, thought the packaging and contents were pretty paltry considering, and while I'm prepping to shoot 100+ greyhounds, I thought I'd put it on in the background, and look up when I thought there was a "good visual."

Last I heard, you have kids. Lourdes (with Carlos Le√łn) and Rocco (with Guy Ritchie) and the African kids you "collected" along the way.

Have you ever heard of Newtown CT? I'm surprised you don't have a home in CT somewhere. All the "right" people they can escape the madness of the city. But you have homes all over the world, so we'll let that rest.

But after seeing the beginning of your MDNA Tour DVD (specifically "Girl Gone Wild – Revolver – Gang Bang"), I wish you did have a residence in CT, and that your kids went to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT. You've got more money than God, and an attitude that just won't quit, but I wish, after viewing your video performance, Lourdes and Rocco were victims of the Sandy Hook shootings on December 14, 2012. None of your money, none of your "I'm Madonna", and nothing you have, or can put your hands on, would be able to bring your kids back from the dead. I'm sorry beyond words there's 20 children and 6 administrators dead, but I'd really like to know what happened if the numbers were 22 children (including Lourdes and Rocco) and 6 administrators.

Your video for those performances referenced above disgusts me. Sure, you love to push the envelope (I lived in Miami when you photographed SEX and released EROTICA, and I held class in a MALL so I could show my students your book...because I was FORBIDDEN from showing it to them in class, where we could have had an academic discussion on the merits of the photos, not the shock of seeing Vanilla Ice finger your pussy (who hasn't?)

But the video performances you put forth in your MDNA concert, the largest grossing show in 2012, was seen by millions, all over the world. Did you ever think of doing something for good? 

Like donating millions of your "hard-earned" dollars to anti-gun causes, world-wide. I'm sure you wouldn't miss the money.

But instead you wander around Malawi every now and then, posturing, looking like "Angelina Jolie" (you'll NEVER have her class!) You need to put your money where your pussy is, and start thinking of a world beyond Madonna and all the guys you've messed around with. I mean, really.

What if Lourdes and Rocco were killed in the Sandy Hook shootings? Is that what it would have taken?

I look forward to your response.