Monday, July 08, 2013

The Vault | Student Work
The Newhouse School of Photography at
The SI Newhouse School of Public Communications
Syracuse University, Syracuse NY
1979 – 1982
Assignment: Negligeé ("C")

The assignment here was to shoot "negligeé" and as an out gay guy who was never in the closet, I found it rather sexist and refused to do the bra and panties thing. But since it was towards the Christmas holidays, some "Secret Santa" gave me a pair of "Edible Undies" and I said "what the FUCK am I going to do with this?" And then after one debauched night where something was thrown out the window (nothing belonging to me!) I said EUREKA! It's like a limo speeding past and the couble just had sex in the back and decided to throw the panties out the window. OK. So it's a bit "staid" and "landed too perfectly" but the "C" I got for the grade really threw me a serious curve ball, and so this, folks, is my only non-A work in photography as a student at The Newhouse School of Photography. I think, however, DIESEL would have been doing this type of work in a heartbeat, some twenty years in the future. What did I know?

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