Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Original Rock Opera | 1971
Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jesus Christ Superstar

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Fatz said...

LOVE this. I have a distinct memory, kinda scary. My mom had seen the original in NYC, had the album, played it alot. I know it front to back. Anyway I remember once being in our Plymouth Satellite Sebring, sitting on the passenger side floor (HA! who needs kid seats back then) but my mom ran in a store or something, left the car running. I'm not sure where she went, may have only been a few seconds. BUt I remember sitting there as the whipping scene played on 8-track. So creepy. I just remember that one little snippet, sitting there on the floor, car running, counting the lashes and imagining the car taking off with me in it.

But I love the album, and the movie. Pretty much was my only exposure to religion.