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Audition (Japan, 1999) Dir: Takashi Miike.
A middle-aged, widowed Aoyama is encouraged by his film producer friend to hold a fake audition for the leading lady to find a new wife, during which Aoyama is besotted by a former ballet dancer Asami. Romance soon blossoms between them, but Asami is not who she seems to be.

Dark Water (Japan, 2001) Dir: Hideo Nakata.
Engaged in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, recently divorced mother Yoshimi moves into a decrepit apartment building with her young daughter, but she soon encounters an ever-expanding pool of water dripping through her ceiling and the mysterious girl in yellow raincoat.

The Eye (Thailand, 2002) Dirs: Danny and Oxide Pang.
A blind young woman, Mun wakes from a pioneering eye transplant to find that she can see the souls of the unquiet dead. Plagued by visions, she sets off to find out whose eyes she inherited.

Host (South Korea, 2006) Dir: Bong Jun-ho.
In 2000, the American military base of Yongsan releases toxic chemicals down the drain into the Han River. Six years later, a mutant monster emerges and attacks people. A young girl is carried off by the monster and disappears. When her family finds out that she is still alive and kept in a big sewer nearby the river, they join forces trying to find her and rescue her.

Ju-on: The Grudge (Japan, 2002) Dir: Takashi Shimizu.
The volunteer social assistant Rika Nishina is assigned to visit a family, but the house is haunted by vengeful spirits: a mother and child who were brutally murdered there. One by one, anyone who has lived or visited the house experience the supernatural curse.

Ringu (Japan, 1997) Dir: Hideo Nakata.
It begins with an urban legend about videotape; anyone who sees it receives a phone call telling them that they have one week to live. A reporter watches the tape and sets out to track down the source of the curse, and her trail leads to Sadako, a child psychic who has been dead for some thirty years.

A Tale of Two Sisters (South Korea, 2003) Dir: Kim Ji-woon.
After being treated in a mental institution, two teenage sisters return home in the countryside. Soon, the sisters are plagued by terrifying nightmares and visions, and there are hints of abuse in the relationship between the younger sister and her stepmother. While the older sister struggles to fight off their stepmother, a picture of trauma and tragedy gradually emerges.

Three…Extremes (2004) Dirs. Fruit Chan, Park Chan-wook and Takashi Miike.
Comprising three segments – “Dumplings,” “Cut,” and “Box” from Hong Kong, South Korean and Japanese film directors, the Pan-Asian horror omnibus films present ordinary people capable of doing evil and psychotic things to each other. There is no connection or link between the stories and none of them involves a ghost.

Three Extremes 2 (2002) Dirs: Kim Ji-woon, Nonzee Nimibutr, and Peter Chan.
In actuality, the predecessor of the Three…Extremes (its theatrical title was Three), the first horror omnibus is consisted of “Memories”, “The Wheel” and “Going Home” with directors from South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong: tales of supernatural horror and existential dread.

Tartan UK
Ab-normal Beauty
Dark Water
Hard Boiled
Memento Mori
A Tale of Two Sisters
Three Extremes 2
Unborn but Forgotten
Visitor Q
Whispering Corridors
Wishing Stairs

Tartan USA
Ab-normal Beauty
Apartment 1303
Bloody Reunion
Ghost of Mae Nak
Heirloom, The
Maid, The
Memento Mori
Red Shoes
Spider Forest
Unborn But Forgotten
Victim, The
Whispering Corridors
Wishing Stairs

The Halloween Twins
Photograph by Bernard M Lynch Jr

Photo by Bernard M Lynch Jr

The Little Mausoleum That Could.
Masters of Horror

A great collection of films by some of the most noted directors of the genre, including Dario Argento, Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter and the banned-from-Showtime entry lensed by the absolutely brilliant Takashi Miike, famous for his cameo in HOSTEL as the Asian businessman who cautions "" to a hesitating Jay Hernandez.

And shop around. This 12-movie, plus 1-bonus disc set can be had, in a beautiful mausoleum-encased package, for less than $4 per film, including shipping.

Sleep well, and look forward to tomorrow's Hallowe'en "gotta have..."

The Vault | Old Skool by Bernard

All photographs + concepts ©Bernard M Lynch Jr

Have a VERY Orange Hallowe'en!
OrangeMercury Revealed!

OrangeMercury's Hallowe'en Costume ©2006

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Why I got the best photos of Miss Grace Jones...

"When you are in the zone, your intuition comes to the forefront, ... Your intuition will guide you. It is your best friend. It has information your mind does not have. When you are a zone performer — no matter what it is you do — you are operating on intuition and you have an unfair advantage over the competition."

— Jim Fannin: Nightingale-Conant author

Grace Jones @ The Roseland
Sat, Oct 27, 2012
My Jamaican Guy

photo ©2012_Bernard M Lynch Jr
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Ladies & Gentlemen | Miss Grace Jones
The Roseland Ballroom | Sat. Oct 27 2012
Photo ©Bernard M Lynch Jr

photograph ©2012_Bernard M Lynch Jr 
Watermarked image. 
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We interrupt this program...
The Battle of the Bulge
Björn Barrefors

The strangest things happen when I click on links to blogs I may post to, or blogs I may repost from. And this is one of them. Seems THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE was originally (?) posted on MARKET AT LARGE, and all I can say is "large, indeed" is, however (in my book) an understatement. I knew if I didn't DVR every minute of The Summer 2012 Olympics in London, I was going to miss SOME "small" detail. So, if Grace can pat her pussy down, we pause for this commercial interruption:

Björn Barrefors

Barrefors is a student at the University of Nebraska, majoring in computer science, with a not insignificant minor in muscle tone.

Grace f*cks up LA VIE EN ROSE @ ROSELAND!

Some NYC "celebutant in heat" was unexpectedly yanked out of the audience by Miss Grace Jones and the cadre of bouncers. Not only did she have him take his shirt off ("I love your shirt. Take it off. Give it to me.") revealing a wan torso, but La Jones put her hand down his pants and shared with the audience "he's got a big one. You know what they say: big things come in small packages!" 

Just another example of the chaos that reigns with Miss Grace Jones. There's a video somewhere out there on YouTube land.

It's when Miss Jones royally screwed up, in the most hysterical way possible, her signature song, Edith Piaf's LA VIE EN ROSE.

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