Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Day in History | 1984
Volkswagen manufactured the last VW Rabbit

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible

The Cloud Series | Naugatuck CT

photograph ©2012 bernard m lynch jr

MIKA | Celebrate [2012]

Why I need to shoot sports | v02

2012 Summer Olympics, London

Gawker's Ginger Greatness!

original artwork ©2012

Once Upon a Time...

Born this day in 1908
Photographer Henri Cartiér-Bresson
Father of "the decisive moment"

Skin Flix | I want some hot stuff baby...
Paul Ryan (no shirt!) & Prince Harry (NUDE!)

You take off your clothes, and I'm obligated to publish the photos. I do, after all, need the hits on my blog!

Republican Veep-pick Paul Ryan.

His Royal Nekkidness, Prince Harry.

©2012 TMZ

Monday, August 20, 2012

African Sculpture
Yale University Art Gallery
New Haven CT

Africa | Wall Painting
Yale University Art Gallery | New Haven CT

Isaac Hayes | Live in 1973
Theme from Shaft

Born this day in 1942 | Isaac Hayes
Theme from SHAFT on SOUL TRAIN 1971

Horoscope | Feast of Sn Bernardo
Natal and Daily Transit

Saint Bernard
Photographed by David Vance

Photograph ©2012 David M Vance, Miami

The Lactation of St Bernard

The Miraculous Lactation of St Bernard

Phyllis Diller Dies!

The Miraculous Lactation of St Bernard

The Miraculous Lactation of St Bernard

The Lactation of St Bernard, v01

St Bernard de Clairvaux

August 20 | Feast of St Bernard

BERNARD was born at the castle of Fontaines, in Burgundy. The grace of his person and the vigor of his intellect filled his parents with the highest hopes, and the world lay bright and smiling before him when he renounced it forever and joined the monks of Citeaux. All his brothers followed Bernard to Citeaux except Nivard, the youngest, who was left to be the stay of his father in his old age. "You will now be heir of everything," said they to him, as they departed. "Yes," said the boy; "you leave me earth, and keep heaven for yourselves; do you call that fair?" And he too left the world. At length their aged father came to exchange wealth and honor for the poverty of a monk of Clairvaux. One only sister remained behind; she was married, and loved the world and its pleasures. Magnificently dressed, she visited Bernard; he refused to see her, and only at last consented to do so, not as her brother, but as the minister of Christ. The words he then spoke moved her so much that, two years later, she retired to a convent with her husband’s consent, and died in the reputation of sanctity. Bernard’s holy example attracted so many novices that other monasteries were erected, and our Saint was appointed abbot of that of Clairvaux. Unsparing with himself, he at first expected too much of his brethren, who were disheartened at his severity; but soon perceiving his error, he led them forward, by the sweetness of his correction and the mildness of his rule, to wonderful perfection. In spite of his desire to lie hid, the fame of his sanctity spread far and wide, and many churches asked for him as their Bishop. Through the help of Blessed Eugenius III., his former subject, he escaped this dignity; yet his retirement was continually invaded: the poor and the weak sought his protection; bishops, kings, and popes applied to him for advice; and at length Eugenius himself charged him to preach the crusade.  By his fervor, eloquence, and miracles, Bernard kindled the enthusiasm of Christendom, and two splendid armies were despatched against the infidel.  Their defeat was only due, said the Saint, to their own sins.  Bernard died A.D. 1153.  His most precious writings have earned for him the titles of the last of the Fathers and a Doctor of Holy Church.

REFLECTION.—St. Bernard used to say to those who applied for admission to the monastery, "If you desire to enter here, leave at the threshold the body you have brought with you from the world; here there is room only for your soul.". Let us constantly ask ourselves St. Bernard’s daily question, "To what end didst thou come hither ?"

Born this day in 1890
HP Lovecraft

I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars. . .  

I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness. . . .
(“From Beyond”, 16 November 1920)

The Republican Phrase of the Day:
Legitimate Rape

Presumably, the only type of "rape" which allowed. 
As if there is a FUCKING LEGITIMATE REASON for rape. 
What? Date rape? Random rape? Incestuous rape?  
Now you know where the Republican Party stands. 

In the circle which says there is a "legitimate" rape, which is permisable.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Screaming Room | 2000
Requiem for a Dream

Life is truly the ultimate horror. Forget the machete. Forget the chainsaws. There's no such thing as happily ever after.