Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama Gothic
©2008 Bernard M Lynch Jr

Original painting by Grant Wood. 

Satire (Photoshop) ©2008 Bernard M Lynch Jr.

Dear President Obama:
Does every SINGLE DOLLAR really count?

Following is a copy (despite the typo) I just sent to the Prez.

Dear President Obama:

I am a dually-disabled American male who hasn't seen the inside of the college classroom despite my three degrees, including a Master's.

Because my only income is Social Security Disability income, I tend to run a relatively tight ship, especially at the end of the month.

The other day I received one of the dozens of campaign solicitation offers in my email asking, yet again "for whatever you could give." I think this offer may have been sweetened with the possibility of dinner with you and Mrs Obama, but I donated $1 because that's all I had in my checking account: one dollar and some change.

Despite your ads which stress that "every dollar counts" my dollar was refused. I was indignant...and I took a screenshot of the computer image.

I don't want to be living off disability, I want to be back in the classroom teaching my award-winning students (one of whom has photographed you) and yet you wouldn't (would = typo) take my dollar.

I do what I can to support you, but today's email from Dick Durban and the VP was the last straw.

One vote = one dollar? Either way, each "one" counts.

If you don't want my ONE dollar, does the same policy apply to my ONE vote.

I have a blog. And that's where my screenshots are going. Seems I can't do anything right in this country, despite MULTIPLE physical set-backs and vanishing teaching positions.

Thank you. I only need to say it once.


Bernard M Lynch Jr

What I forgot to write was that if I was WORKING, I'd be able to pay off my student loan for my Master's degree. But, hey: what's a few dollars between friends?

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Do you sleep on the right or left?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Born this day in 1880 | Helen Keller
Could Only See Possibilities

On This Day in Television History | 1966
Dark Shadows Debuted
ABC Television Network

In Memory of Jonathan Frid
Annie Lennox | Love Song for a Vampire

Series | Storm Clouds 2012

Drive-By Shooting | Turkey (Naugatuck CT)

Paperback Book Alert!
Dark Shadows (TV Milestones)
Harry M. Benshoff

While supernatural events have become fairly commonplace on daytime television in recent decades, Dark Shadows, which aired on ABC between 1966 and 1971, pioneered this format when it blended the vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and witches of fictional Collinsport, Maine, with standard soap opera fare like alcoholism, jealousy, and tangled love. In this volume, author Harry M. Benshoff examines Dark Shadows, both during its initial run and as an enduring cult phenomenon, to prove that the show was an important precursor—or even progenitor—of today’s phenomenally popular gothic and fantasy media franchises like Twilight, Harry Potter, and True Blood. 

Benshoff demonstrates that viewers of all ages responded to the haunted world of Dark Shadows, making unlikely stars out of the show’s iconic characters—reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins, playboy werewolf Quentin Collins, vengeful witch Angelique DuVal, and vampire hunter Dr. Julia Hoffman. Benshoff explores the cultural and industrial contexts of the mid-1960s that gave rise to Dark Shadows and how the show adapted nineteenth-century gothic novels and twentieth-century horror films into a televised serial format. Benshoff also examines the unique aspects of the show’s casting and performance modes, its allure as a camp cult text, and the function of the show’s many secondary and tertiary texts—including novels, records, games, comic books, and the two feature films, House of Dark Shadows (1970) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971). 

In the years since its cancellation, Dark Shadows’ enduring popularity has led to a prime-time NBC remake in the early 1990s, recent talk of a Tim Burton and Johnny Depp feature film, and a popular ongoing fan convention. Benshoff’s timely study of Dark Shadows will appeal to fans of the show and all film and television history scholars who are interested in the roots of one of today’s most popular genres. 

This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freddie Mercury, 1977
Close-up of shot below

Freddie Mercury
1977 US Leg of Tour | New Haven CT
The New Haven Coliseum

bernard m lynch jr

The Holy Grail of My 32 (+2) Year Career
Freddie Mercury, 110 Kodak Pocket Instamatic, 1977

November 16, 1977
The New Haven Coliseum (now demolished)
Front Row, Center (5' from stage)
Freddie Mercury
Lead Singer, Queen (died 1991; AIDS)
1977 Tour (USA Leg)
Show opener: WE WILL ROCK YOU

photograph ©1977
Bernard M Lynch Jr

Do not use without written permission

The Vault | South Beach T-Dance
Jury Duty v # of Wrinkles on Dog's Balls

Via Anderson Cooper on AC360º, I gotta hand it to him: he repeated this with a straight face, and didn't have a giggle meltdown, despite the fact that the producers' BLEEPED the five-letter word in question. I thought it reminded me of a photograph I took decades ago, when you just know every fucking queen on South Beach was staring at this dog, most in envy. Or lust.

And to make you photo-geeks happy? I took this with a Mamiya C220 2 1/4" camera, in full Kodacolor 400 medium format. And the lens? Let's just say I was about a foot away from the target.

photograph ©2012_bernard m lynch jr

Well, Erik Slye of Montana was stronger than me. After he got a jury notice in the mail earlier this year, he sent this beautiful notarized love letter. Pure poetry:
Apparently you morons didn't understand me the first time. I CANNOT take time off from work. I'm not putting my family's well-being at stake to participate in this crap. I don't believe in our "justice" system and I don't want to have a goddamn thing to do with it. Jury duty is a complete waste of time. I would rather count the wrinkles on my dog's balls than sit on a jury. Get it through your thick skulls. Leave me the F__K alone.
I love that after all that, he censored the fuck word. That just would've been too over the top, right? F__K, I love this dude. If there was a place to co-sign, my signature would be there. Unfortunately, court officials didn't feel the same way. A judge threatened to throw his ass in jail and ordered that he show his face in court. When he did, Erik apologized . A judge didn't cite him with anything and even excused him from jury duty. So in the end, it worked!
Now you know what to do next time you get one of those evil jury notices in the mail. Copy, paste and send!

Double-Stuffed, indeed!

Dead Can Dance | De Profundis Video
1936 Olympics

The Death of MobileMe!
In Memory of Dot-Mac

Our Lawyers Said...

Jus' sayin'!

Gustav Doré

RGB v Grayscale

Sunday, June 24, 2012

CDs & DVDs for our Wounded Warriors
San Antonio, TEXAS


I contacted Brooke Army Med Center in San Antonio TX in regards to having people donate physical CDs and DVDs for our wounded warriors. My contact there thought it was a brilliant idea to have a "donation" library to help our soldiers, w. a library. HELP?

Jun 22, 2012 1:05 PM

Since I recently joined The Cloud for my iTunes etc, and I know that CDs and DVDs are trending downward as more people are digitizing their libraries and/or using streaming media. So I was left with several hundred CDs and DVDs and wondered "who would benefit from this?"

Knowing of Brooke Army Medical Center (San Antonio TX), and knowing that's where our soldiers who need prosthetic surgeries, recuperation and assistance, I figured that music and movies would be great as part of their therapy. I contacted James Bonola (Gift Coordinator, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft Sam Houston) and he thought it would be a great way to help our returning wounded warriors with their therapy.

I then thought of what company would have the logistics in place to collect CDs and DVDs, and have the national reach to help get this idea off the ground.


1. Apple's promoting iCloud, so you get to "keep" your music on all your devices.
2. Apple also SELLS music, so if you're looking to upgrade, Apple's the place.
3. Apple revolutionized the music (and movie) industry with the iPod.

I spoke to someone at Apple today, and they suggested the Apple Support Community. So I chose the iCloud community for the most direct attention.

If you have all your mobile (iOS) devices and your Macs, iPads, iPhones and everything else, what's it going to cost you if you are looking to dispose of your physical library. WE DON'T NEED THE JEWEL BOXES...just the discs and any booklets.

So what do you say folks? How about giving this a shot, and helping our wounded warriors through their therapy, and help them build their own music and movie collections at the same time. What have you got to lose? And just imagine how great you'll feel.

For further information, contact me at ibernard@mac.comor, better still, contact James Bonola, Gift Coordinator directly at

Let's make a difference. All you'll get is a chance to make a difference in someone's day.


Bernard M Lynch Jr

PowerBook G4 17", Mac OS X (10.4.6), 1.67 GHz PPC 2GB DDR SDRAM