Saturday, April 28, 2012

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If you didn't get the entire 131 DVD set...
Dark Shadows | Quick Update

CT Gay & Lesbian Film Fest

Just like the blacks' discrimination against the high yellers and the Haitians and the Jamaicans and the American Blacks, the CT Gay & Lesbian Film Fest is run by a staff, headed by Shane Engstrom, who practice the same discrimination against other gays who go out of their way to "try" to support the Festival, especially in its 25th year.

I actually sent emails in JANUARY for advertising and donations for their silent auction, and whoever they hired used the poorest excuse with "I didn't get your email" which, dated January 2012, I forwarded back to her...only to find out that my $1,000 worth (retail) of donations to the silent auction wasn't wanted, sight unseen, and since they dragged their ass, it's now "too late" to place an ad, when I placed previously a $600 ad, 4/c, for the inside front cover.

But because "everyone" including the director, were "too busy" to attend to their email, now the ad deadline has passed, effectively telling me to "fuck off" as the donations for the silent auction were also "declined" sight-unseen.

Hartford may be the capitol of Connecticut, but unless you have an 8" dick which is fat and cut, and a checkbook with no limits, they aren't interested.

So I suggest that anyone reading this BOYCOTT the film festival this year, regardless of what anniversary it is.

Gay discrimination within the gay community is wrong wrong wrong, but then again, it happens in the black community, so the "fairies that be" for the CT Gay and Lesbian Film Fest can pick and choose whose support they wish to accept.

Fuck it anyway. I've got better taste in film than them, seven years teaching in college, and more than a few degrees to back it up.

Clearly, these people have never seen THE CELLULOID CLOSET.

They might learn a thing or three.

And I'm dead-on sure they have no idea of William Friedkin's relationship between THE EXORCIST and CRUISING.

Then again, it's good for some people to live under a fucking rock.

Dark Shadows Limited Edition
#1922 out of #2500


The Screaming Room | 2010
A Serbian Film

The Screaming Room | 2010
A Serbian Film

The Screaming Room | 2010
Do your eyes have balls?
A Serbian Film

X-rated doesn't even begin to describe this film. Nor does "snuff." Do you have the eyes and stomach? You will NEVER be the same. Trust me.

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Work | Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Bernard's newest work...


Don't even ask!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Born this day in 1822 | Frederick Law Olmsted

Born this day in 1940 | Giorgio Moroder
The Father of Disco

World-renowned Oscar winning producer and composer Giorgio Moroder has captured the essence of Fritz Lang's legendary futuristic masterpiece, METROPOLIS, in this brilliant recreation of the 1926 silent film classic vision of tomorrow. Using his award-winning expertise, Moroder has composed an electrifying soundtrack to match the film's visionary style, performed by some of today's top rock artists, including Pat Benetar, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Loverboy, Adam Ant and more.
This immense science fiction epic is a bizarre vision of the future. The year is 2026 and the inhabitants of the world are divided into two classes: an elite "ruling" class who spend their time in futile pursuits, living in luxury on the planet's surface, and the working class, who toil below ground, doomed to serve from birth to death as slaves to the monstrous machines they tend. When the son of the ruler of the great city of METROPOLIS falls in love with a woman of the lower class, the stage is set for an earthshaking confrontation.
This revitalized METROPOLIS has all the immediacy and excitement of the original with the added impact of Giorgio Moroder's vibrant soundtrack, surging new power into some of the most striking and moving images ever put to film.

Rare portrait of Orange Mercury
By Keri English

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Quote | Unquote
Massive Attack

If wishes were horses,

and beggars could ride...

Astrology | Daily Transits
Venus Sextile Uranus

Dark Shadows (2012)
Original Soundtrack | Danny Elfman

I'm hung up
on the smell of Saturday Night Fever.

Madonna | The Confessions Tour
Saturday Night Fever Redux

Gotta hand it to the Queen. 
She knows what she's doing...even if someone else did it before!

The Screening Room | 1977
Saturday Night Fever (laserdisc!)

Where DO you go

when the record's over?

Another movie from 1977 which started a cultural revolution. I was a junior/senior in a homo-bashing CATHOLIC high school: Holy Cross High School in Waterbury CT. What a waste of money. Who's laughing now!

Laserdisc Lust!
Night of Dark Shadows
House of Dark Shadows

Monday, April 23, 2012

Peeta | One for Our Team!

Coachella | The Hologram Show

Freddie Lives!

The American Gothics

Seems I was close, but no cigar. I'm just stoked an art director in Florida found my version ©2008! Four years later, and I'm still on Google's first image search page! None too shabby!

This Deadly Day in 1984
AIDS-virus identified
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

In 1984, 

the virus which 

causes AIDS was identified.

The NEW Nuclear Family 2012
according to Old Navy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A New Voice | Todd Kramer

Knowing that I'm not a guy into listening to guitar players and vocalists in coffee houses, that's exactly what I found myself doing last night as I wandered the streets of downtown New Haven, looking for a place to have an (anti-starbucks) Cup o' Joe to fuel the darker part of my evening.

Surprisingly, Todd Kramer (ironically an Orangeman like myself – Syracuse alum) was tucked away in a corner, no stool, no amp, no backup band. Just him and his guitar. It was amazing. I'd heard about him earlier in the week from another Syracuse friend in NYC, and checked out his iTunes stuff, and was surprised (after I downloaded his EP ONE PAIR OF EYES) and I found a voice which really filled the small coffee house (great, by the way; BYOB, for those looking for a bit of proof in their beverage) without all the glitz glam and production of the "new music" these days, usually culled from AMERICAN IDOL or THE VOICE or one of the other many star fuckers making machines.

Lesson learned?

Step out of your comfort zone (in my case, disco's resurgence!) and sample the local blend.

You'd be surprised who's on iTunes these days.

Todd Kramer. Remember that name.

His EP will quickly give you an earworm.

Happy Birthday, Flash!