Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not even remotely funny.

eTrade's "Down on the floor!" commercial (which shockingly made its debut during the SuperBowl) in which a bank manager holds the customers "hostage" while the tellers don tangentially frightening masks (a pig, a rabbit et al) isn't even remotely funny in today's clime. Given that the bank manager repeats "down on the floor" in a loud and threatening voice the second time around, even going so far as to tell a woman not readily "down on the floor" and appearing to get up, he says in an off-hand manner "don't try to be a hero, Jane Doe."

I'm sorry. I've had strong feelings against this commercial from the get-go and was so consumed with the message I could not remember the company for the LIFE of me (I repeat:: DOWN ON THE FLOOR!)

This is a reprehensible and vulgar commercial, and I challenge eTrade to removed it totally from their advertising campaign BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH (May 2007, in case they're left wondering.)

Shameful, harmful, frightening, and vulgar. No other way around this one.

I'll bet 10 out of 10 people polled after a viewing of this horrifying commercial will find this "advertising" beyond poor taste, bordering on inflammatory.


(ps. watch the commercial with the volume muted and tell me what you see?)

I double- dare you to release a statement to the public in the same manner (vehicle, and length of time, and market penetration) apologizing for what will be termed "an oversight."

The ad agency should be summarily fired, as well as the "suits" who greenlighted this frightening advertising.

Why don't they cut to the chase and have a bank manager put a gun to a patron's head?

I apologize only for any incorrect words, spelling, and corporate misrepresentation of "eTrade", however, who can remember after such a shocking viewing such as this.

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