Monday, October 29, 2012

We interrupt this program...
The Battle of the Bulge
Björn Barrefors

The strangest things happen when I click on links to blogs I may post to, or blogs I may repost from. And this is one of them. Seems THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE was originally (?) posted on MARKET AT LARGE, and all I can say is "large, indeed" is, however (in my book) an understatement. I knew if I didn't DVR every minute of The Summer 2012 Olympics in London, I was going to miss SOME "small" detail. So, if Grace can pat her pussy down, we pause for this commercial interruption:

Björn Barrefors

Barrefors is a student at the University of Nebraska, majoring in computer science, with a not insignificant minor in muscle tone.

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