Monday, October 29, 2012

Grace f*cks up LA VIE EN ROSE @ ROSELAND!

Some NYC "celebutant in heat" was unexpectedly yanked out of the audience by Miss Grace Jones and the cadre of bouncers. Not only did she have him take his shirt off ("I love your shirt. Take it off. Give it to me.") revealing a wan torso, but La Jones put her hand down his pants and shared with the audience "he's got a big one. You know what they say: big things come in small packages!" 

Just another example of the chaos that reigns with Miss Grace Jones. There's a video somewhere out there on YouTube land.

It's when Miss Jones royally screwed up, in the most hysterical way possible, her signature song, Edith Piaf's LA VIE EN ROSE.

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Echorich said...

Miss Jones can work a fuck up into fucking fabulous!