Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear President Obama:
Does every SINGLE DOLLAR really count?

Following is a copy (despite the typo) I just sent to the Prez.

Dear President Obama:

I am a dually-disabled American male who hasn't seen the inside of the college classroom despite my three degrees, including a Master's.

Because my only income is Social Security Disability income, I tend to run a relatively tight ship, especially at the end of the month.

The other day I received one of the dozens of campaign solicitation offers in my email asking, yet again "for whatever you could give." I think this offer may have been sweetened with the possibility of dinner with you and Mrs Obama, but I donated $1 because that's all I had in my checking account: one dollar and some change.

Despite your ads which stress that "every dollar counts" my dollar was refused. I was indignant...and I took a screenshot of the computer image.

I don't want to be living off disability, I want to be back in the classroom teaching my award-winning students (one of whom has photographed you) and yet you wouldn't (would = typo) take my dollar.

I do what I can to support you, but today's email from Dick Durban and the VP was the last straw.

One vote = one dollar? Either way, each "one" counts.

If you don't want my ONE dollar, does the same policy apply to my ONE vote.

I have a blog. And that's where my screenshots are going. Seems I can't do anything right in this country, despite MULTIPLE physical set-backs and vanishing teaching positions.

Thank you. I only need to say it once.


Bernard M Lynch Jr

What I forgot to write was that if I was WORKING, I'd be able to pay off my student loan for my Master's degree. But, hey: what's a few dollars between friends?

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Do you sleep on the right or left?

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