Thursday, June 14, 2012

Born this day in 1961 | {Boy} George O'Dowd
Singer, Chanteuse

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This photograph by Richard Avedon was actually taken at DAVID VANCE'S first studio in Opa-Locka, (Miami), Florida. Days before the shooting, Avedon's assistant(s) came down and painted the entire background cyclorama in (Richard Avedon's) WHITE paint, specially mixed for all of Richard Avedon's portraits. That ensured consistency with his lighting and the tonality of the background. David actually told me he knew God had a sense of humor when Boy George stepped out of the limousine and was something like 6' tall (and Tom Cruise is 5'7").

Much later, I started my tenure as David's assistant, and one day I was told "to paint the cyclorama." I don't paint. Ever. I wear paint. But, as every assistant knows, you do what you are told, and do it to the best of your abilities. So I was pointed in the direction of several 5 gallon buckets of "white" paint.

After I finished painting the cyclorama (which is like getting lost in a white cloud on acid) I was wearing most of the paint, especially on my sneakers. All OVER my sneakers. At that point, I was told the paint I used was "white – Richard Avedon white." And I was so thrilled, I never cleaned my sneakers or jeans.

So for several years, I had my "favorite" sneakers, which were splashed with "Richard Avedon white."

Freddie Mercury was actually asked in the only full interview he gave years before his death what he thought of the "new singers" and who he thought would "really do something." George Michael's name came up and Freddie said something about "the old fag's already done a duet with Aretha Franklin, and beat me to it" but then he went on at length to say "Boy George is very good. And if he doesn't get messed up in all this (the lifestyle), he'll really go somewhere.

I don't think Freddie figured it'd be jail.


Richard Avedon White!!!

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