Monday, May 07, 2012

Todd Kramer | Live Footage
REDEYE @ Rockwood Music Hall

I'm not REALLY that much of the country genre, but for some reason, Todd reminds me of Kenny Chesney here. (without the Molson's Beer!) He's got a great YouTube Channel, and it's refreshing to think he doesn't have to be all "American Idolized" for his music to come across. To me, that puts his priorities (his music) in check with his ego (American Idol, The Voice et al, ad nauseum). Just like when I stumbled across Sharleen Spiteri and TEXAS in late 2005, I love writing about music I stumble across. The difference is that TEXAS has some 20+ years behind them, and Todd's got a bright future ahead of him. MORE! Especially your Connecticut (hometown) shows!

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