Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disco's Last Dance | Donna Summer Dies

Rest in peace, Ms. Summer. You were the soundtrack of my horrible highschool years at Holy Cross in Waterbury CT, and also the soundtrack during my explorative years (with a camera) at Syracuse University. All the girls I dragged to the gay clubs before it was fashionable (Ro, Kate, Ilene, Lauren, many more...) and we knew you'd kill the night. Then again, how many women can say they had, what? five DOUBLE LPS in a row? If life's purpose is to leave a legacy, you made so many people happy, put so many people on the dancefloor, turned so many people on to disco, and made many people scramble for their partner for THE LAST DANCE. Thank you for adding immeasurably to my life. You will truly be missed by me. But you are certainly on my playlist of life. And for those happy, brilliant moments, I thank you. 

 Photograph © Francesco Scavullo

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