Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Daily & Natal Transits
You've GOT to be kidding me...

Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 8 May 2012
for Bernard Lynch, born 4 May 1960

Getting through
At this time your curiosity is aroused. You are interested in finding out about unfamiliar facts and new ideas. 

Today you have an opportunity to talk to people about matters that are really important to you, even matters that are usually too emotionally charged to discuss easily. 

This influence provides a greater sense of detachment and objectivity, so you can keep your emotional involvement in an issue down to a reasonable level for discussion. However, during this time you could simply fritter your time away in idle chatter. That is why you should make a conscious effort to communicate about matters that are important to you. 

Your interaction with others will be much more lively today, and you will have many opportunities to get through to other people.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury Conjunction Mercury, , exact at 21:59  
activity period from 8 May 2012 to 9 May 2012

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