Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Born this day in 1958 | Ted McGinley
70s Male Supermodel

Truly, one of the very first male supermodels of the late 70s, Ted McGinley later enjoyed a successful career as an actor. Frequent GQ cover guy.


PC said...

That's a pic of Jon-Erik Hexum said...

I remember JEH and I was sorting through the mis-named photos on Google Images, and I feel like a dope now because I read the type below and it clearly says JEH.

Well, you get the OrangeMercury FACTOID ERROR award! I pride myself on being factual and typo-free, and boy! I fucked up big-time.

I'll correct it and put an extra (funny) note there giving you credit.

JEH was really something in his day. It was such a shame when he died unexpectedly. Really sad.

THANKS! You actually gave me a chuckle!

Best regards.