Friday, April 20, 2012

Jonathan Frid | Barnabas Collins is dead.


The sad news is that when I Googled "Barnabas Collins" 90% of the pictures that came up had Johnny Depp's face on them. The sadder news is that Jonathan Frid, who was the original Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows from 1967-1971, passed away in Canada at the age of 87. USA Today says that Jonathan died from natural causes on Friday the 13th. After reading that he died on Friday the 13th, I expected a flash of lightning followed by a shadow on the wall in front of me of Jonathan rising from the dead. It didn't happen.

Jonathan joined Dark Shadows during the second season and Barnabas was only supposed to stay around for a handful of episodes, but he became a regular after audiences ate him up. After Dark Shadows ended, Jonathan did a few movies, television shows and plays before retiring in Canada.

Before you say, "Well, on a positive note, at least he won't be here to hiss at the mangled carcass of Dark Shadows butchered by Tim Burton", Jonathan shot a cameo for the movie last year. Let's hope that mess doesn't even make it to the dollar theaters in heaven.

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