Saturday, April 28, 2012

CT Gay & Lesbian Film Fest

Just like the blacks' discrimination against the high yellers and the Haitians and the Jamaicans and the American Blacks, the CT Gay & Lesbian Film Fest is run by a staff, headed by Shane Engstrom, who practice the same discrimination against other gays who go out of their way to "try" to support the Festival, especially in its 25th year.

I actually sent emails in JANUARY for advertising and donations for their silent auction, and whoever they hired used the poorest excuse with "I didn't get your email" which, dated January 2012, I forwarded back to her...only to find out that my $1,000 worth (retail) of donations to the silent auction wasn't wanted, sight unseen, and since they dragged their ass, it's now "too late" to place an ad, when I placed previously a $600 ad, 4/c, for the inside front cover.

But because "everyone" including the director, were "too busy" to attend to their email, now the ad deadline has passed, effectively telling me to "fuck off" as the donations for the silent auction were also "declined" sight-unseen.

Hartford may be the capitol of Connecticut, but unless you have an 8" dick which is fat and cut, and a checkbook with no limits, they aren't interested.

So I suggest that anyone reading this BOYCOTT the film festival this year, regardless of what anniversary it is.

Gay discrimination within the gay community is wrong wrong wrong, but then again, it happens in the black community, so the "fairies that be" for the CT Gay and Lesbian Film Fest can pick and choose whose support they wish to accept.

Fuck it anyway. I've got better taste in film than them, seven years teaching in college, and more than a few degrees to back it up.

Clearly, these people have never seen THE CELLULOID CLOSET.

They might learn a thing or three.

And I'm dead-on sure they have no idea of William Friedkin's relationship between THE EXORCIST and CRUISING.

Then again, it's good for some people to live under a fucking rock.

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