Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Screaming Room | 2011
Straight to Video!

Actually, this movie (VOD – Amazon: $3.99; VOD – U-Verse: $5.99) was pretty good. Taking the Elite Hunting Club to Vegas (yeah, we know what they say) was a perfect setting, especially when Vegas is in the middle of nowhere, which comes in handy for part of the storyline.

There's more than a few twists here, and women are sexualized to the highest degree, themselves a piece of meat for the right price. Kinda vulgar, if that's what Vegas is about. But the "reality show" angle, the "game show" slant – pure Americana.

It was a bit low on the bloodflow, but what it lacked in blood, it made up for in intense action.

And if you think everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well, there's an exception to every rule.

And the House sometimes looses. KA-BOOM!

Hell hath no fury like a bride-to-be scorned.

Even right in front of her groom's columbaria.

My vote? This should've been released on the big screen, and Eli Roth should have jumped on board. It was intense, different, and kept the theme going strong. Eli Roth wrote a great story, and I can see the franchise moving along, at least one more time.

Now if I can only get Eli on the phone, he'd take my story line in a dying heartbeat!

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