Sunday, February 19, 2012

Presidential Portrait | Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln
Photographed by Bernard M Lynch Jr

Do NOT reproduce without written permission.
Watermarked image.


DoceanMotion said...

Wow, nice. It kinda looks less like the usual photos of him I've seen for some reason. said...

This gent was actually at the grocery store on his way to a "Lincoln Lecture" for Presidents' Day. He goes around to libraries and schools and lectures on history and Lincoln and related. He told me he puts lifts in his shoes to be taller. It was a very surreal experience as it was at a rather large grocery store which serves a small town, and there was quite a gathering. I thought I was on acid when I saw him walking in the parking lot. Such a stride! I was fortunate he was walking out as I was at the Blockbuster Kiosk. I said "Mr President, May I take your portrait?" And he said sure, but there were lots of people gathered around. So I managed to get a "dead on, drop your face a bit" burst of about twelve shots. Then I told him he was shot, but not by John Wilkes Booth! He asked for my card, and I was gracious to give him one. I used the CR2 (Camera Raw) file to really bring out the facial features, and then decided on sepia-type toning. It was fun, and I'm really happy with the shot. Thanks.