Friday, January 06, 2012

13 or so minutes...

Clearly the best short film I've ever seen, let alone ever seen at a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. To conjure up such deep emotions in a film with two guys in a hotel room with probably 11 or so minutes of dialogue? This is a brilliant piece of film. And it's so very, very real.

Taken from STRAIGHT MEN & AND THE MEN WHO LOVE THEM 2, pleasepleaseplease buy this video from ARIZTICAL ENTERTAINMENT INC in California. You may pay a bit more than you are used to paying for a DVD, but ARIZTICAL supports the artists, and, in some cases, is the only outlet for these films for public consumption.

THIRTEEN OR SO MINUTES will leave you breathless, especially with the last line, and thinking, long after the clock hits fourteen minutes or more.

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