Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Against photojournalism

This "image" spits in the face of what "news" photography is, what photojournalism is.

Tina Brown needs to be fired. Immediately.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In memory of the baby bird Brutus killed tonight...
Skyline Pigeon | Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Turn me loose from your hands
let me fly to distant lands

and my eyes are mirrors of the world outside
thinking of the ways that the winds can turn the tide
and these shadows turn from purple into grey...

In memory of the baby bird Brutus killed tonight...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Born this day in 1975 | Tobey Maguire

Born this day in 1880 | Helen Keller

Christina Aguilera v Lisa Fonssagrives

Days of Our Lives | US Airing
Biography Channel 8:00p local time

Days Of Our Lives: US Airing

Hollywood Records have confirmed that Days of Our Lives will air in the US on the A&E Channel June 27th. It will premiere at 8pm and rerun at 10pm EST.

The version that is to be broadcast is a unique edit for the US and differs from the one that has been screened previously in the UK.

An upside to a down real estate market...

I keep moving every month.
Especially when it says "first month free."

Lost & Found Department

From a scrap of newspaper

"Online, none of us are old. None of us are ugly. There are no fat people online. No short people. Nobody stutters. Nobody wets their pants. There is no pain. There is no crime. We are all safe. We all have good intentions."

Clearly, this must be from the very early 90s.

From THE JOURNALS | Page 400 be rid of a bag! When I wonder will I start to jettison clothing etc or wear it all so I don't have to carry it.

I'm so TIRED!

Slightly apprehensive – I guess about making connections etc.

Off to Mex City today – then [illegible] to David Jorgenson's.

Hopefully off to Guanajuato for (?) Friday/Saturday. Maybe David will drive???

Funny – but with all the people we heard from lately. Think the "signs are there." What w/ my exhibit up and all – what better time than at an apex of sorts.


About to land in Houston. Neven been to TX before. Flight OK – I tried to sleep. Really tired at this point.

Looks like crappy weather. Breakfast of pancakes + sausage. Rainy in Houston.

8:32 Tex Time

1st time change – lost one hour.

9:35am TOLUCA

Met David quite well yesterday. I took the plane from Tex to Mex and then, luggage be damned...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Day in 1896 | 1st Movie Theatre Opens US
Charging 10รง for Admission

The first "storefront theater" in the US dedicated exclusively to showing motion pictures was Vitascope Hall, established on Canal StreetNew Orleans, Louisiana June 26, 1896—it was converted from a vacant store.
A crucial factor was Thomas Edison's decision to sell a small number of Vitascope Projectors as a business venture in April–May 1896. In the basement of the new Ellicott Square Building, Main Street, Buffalo, New YorkMitchell Mark(properly spelled Mitchel Mark) and his brother Moe Mark added what they called Edison’s Vitascope Theater (entered through Edisonia Hall), which they opened to the general public on October 19, 1896 in collaboration with Rudolf Wagner, who had moved to Buffalo after spending several years working at the Edison laboratories. This 72-seat plush theater was designed from scratch solely to show motion pictures.
Terry Ramseye, in his book, A Million and One Nights (1926) [p. 276], notes that this “was one of the earliest permanently located and exclusively motion-picture exhibitions.” According to the Buffalo News (Wednesday, November 2, 1932), "There were seats for about 90 persons and the admission was three cents. Feeble, flickering films of travel scenes were the usual fare." (The true number of seats was 72.) The theater remained open for two years making it the first permanent, purpose built movie theater in the world.
– Wikipedia

Page 50


It's so easy to horrify yourself. Really wish I had music. Do I really need to be here this early?

I can actually imagine some sort of RISKY BUSINESS scenario with [illegible]. Too much because I really don't think that I'd be in a RISKY BUSINESS scenario.

2 Jun
New Haven

Too funny, this 500 Blake Street scenario.

Cindy Lauper: I drove all night 2 get 2 you

Actually kinda the place you'd NEVER catch me holding a meeting with clients.

I wonder if I see as much in a gay bar – sad women nursing what's left of their beauty.

Curiosity makes me wonder WHY at this point.

Would be too funny to be stood  up – almost deserving at this point

It's been so long since that expectant kind of feeling wells up in your chest. Something sorta semi-discreet but not. I think illicit is the word that comes to mind.

Could either be high point of trip – outside of being here for everyone else – or the point of reevaluation in my life.

Ahh. There goes the Blake Street shadow again – and this time there's approx 7 min to spare.