Saturday, March 05, 2011

Natal & Transit Astrology
Chiron Conj Chiron

Starting a new life

Profound changes during this very important time could have far reaching consequences for the coming years. One way or another, you will have to deal with the issue of your own mortality. You will often be painfully reminded of your own physical limitations, which will make you increasingly aware of the transitory nature of an individual life. The recognition of having passed our physical peak confronts us with issues concerning the end of life. Avoiding or suppressing this issue during this influence could lead to injuries and defeats. Strong reluctance can cause depression and a deep sense of the meaninglesness of life.

This influence confronts you with the necessity of accepting your own weakness and mortality. If you try to struggle against this inevitable fact you will suffer and are doomed to fail, perhaps with devastating consequences for your self-confidence. You may now need to make a conscious effort to look after yourself. Give yourself the chance to withdraw, so that you can devote yourself to deeper issues. Any course of therapy you now start or a newly begun religious or spiritual path could open up perspectives which could lead to a genuine rebirth. Don't be afraid to go down new paths or to ask for help. If you can find genuine answers as to how you should proceed in the future your life will be filled with a higher purpose.

Chiron Conjunction Chiron
mid-May 2010 – mid-January 2012