Saturday, January 08, 2011

Born this day in 19xx | Elvis Presley

Born this day in 19xx | Stephen Hawking

Born this day in 19xx | David Bowie

Brutus Maximus loves the snow.

Grace Jones | La Vie en Rose

Dear Adobe: Dance to this!!!
Grace Jones | Corporate Cannibal

Pleased to meet you, pleased to have you on my plate
your meat is sweet to me
your destiny
your fate

you’re my life support, your life is my sport

I’m a man-eating machine

you won’t hear me laughing, as i terminate your day
you can’t trace my footsteps, as i walk the other way

i can’t get enough prey, pray for me
(i’m a man-eating machine)
corporate cannibal, digital criminal
corporate cannibal, eat you like an animal

employer of the year, grandmaster of fear
my blood flows satanical,
mechanical, masonical and chemical
habitual ritual

i’m a man-eating machine

i deal in the market, every man, woman and child is a target
a closet full of faceless nameless pay more for less empitness

i’ll make you scrounge, in my executive lounge
you pay less tax, but i’ll gain more back

my rules, you fools

we can play the money game
greedgame, power game, stay insane
lost in the cell, in this hell
slave to the rhythm of the corporate prison

i’m a man-eating machine…
i can’t get enough prey
pray for me
corporate cannibal…
digital criminal…

i’ll consume my consumers, with no sense of humour
i’ll give you a uniform, chloroform
sanatize, homogenize, vaporize… you

i’m the spark, make the world explode
i’m a man-eating machine, i’ll make the world explode
corporate cannibal

The Black Party | Rites XXXII
Sponsored by Adobe®

The Black Party | Rites XXXII
You Have Been Warned!

What? No dicks to suck?

No fist-fucking?



Let it snow, let it snow, life fuckin' blows.

What the fuck?

Sage Arts Complex, 43 Chestnut Street, New Haven
26 December 2010

The Dreaming Room | 2009
Sleep Dealer

Friday, January 07, 2011

In this corner...
OrangeMercury v Adobe

There is going to be wAr.
And I'm not planning on losing.
Just think of what one disgruntled Adobe user can COST the company if they really set their mind to it. Then, think of how much money I can cost the company if I really set my mind to it.

Dear Adobe:

I have spent thousands of dollars on your software since Photoshop 2.5, InDesign 1.0, Dreamweaver 3.0, Flash 4, Aldus PageMaker etc ad nauseum. And the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CLASSROOM IN A BOOK...who really, then, needs a FUCKING TEACHER (yes, it's almost 3 years I've been out of work, mostly because I took a stand and admin didn't like it.)

I have my leather EVERLAST Boxing Shorts on, and let's go barefoot, and bare knuckle in the ring. After all, I've already logged six (seven?) calls to New Delhi (mostly).

I'm not going to lose a nose. And I'm not going to lose a tooth either.

And you can have my glasses.

Bare knuckle.

Bare feet.

Don't even think about starting.


"Catastrophic failure."

For the seventh time.


Grace Jones @ The Palladium
I'm Not Perfect...But I'm Perfect for You!

Only Miss Grace Jones could follow (or precede!) TR!

I wasn't perfect, but I was perfect for SU!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Vault | Syracuse University 1978 - 1982
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Dr. Thomas A. Richards ("TR")

The man single-handedly responsible for me being the photographer I am today, and the only instructor at the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications for whom I have any respect, and who "saw" something in me, as a 19 year-old Tazmanian Devil I was back in 1979: Dr. Thomas A. Richards.

Here's my comment from Eric Meola's lenghty musing on a great man, and a link to the original blog posting:
I, too, am long a fan and protegé of the legend we all seem to know as "TR." But I find myself in a rather unique place in his long list of students for whom he served as great mentor. It was 1980, and I had discovered Robert Mapplethorpe (via Don Sutherland, who was in the Air Force Photojournalism Program, not Don Sutherland the instructor), and I also "found" Diane Arbus. We'll leave it to history as to which instructor said their work was "self-indulgent bs" (you'd never catch TR cursing!) but TR was thrilled that not only were my eyes opened, but he explained to me the difficulty of living my life (as an out gay guy in the late 70s) "on the edge." But he pushed me to that edge, and beyond, never waivering in his faith in me. It was, in fact, TR who suggested that I apply for the major in photography, after taking PHO 301 and PHO 302. And I made the cut. TR told me if I wanted to be a great photographer, I needed to look at pictures, and he gave my parents salient advice on graduation day, May 8, 1982: don't let this kid spin his wheels. He's got something. That "something" was on display in the "honor" case for the Senior Show: the case which was on the wall right outside the door to the Newhouse Dean's office, in the door to Newhouse II and to the immediate left. TR took me under his wing, and I, too, became a "keyholder" and probably the most controversial person to launch from the Newhouse photo lab dark. Maybe I haven't made my mark as so many of the "names" above have, but I am 50, still shooting, blogging, engaging myself in the media of the day, and, much (I'm sure) to TR's surprise, I myself have gone on to obtain a Masters (e-media) and teaching the upcoming generations. I will never be able to thank TR for everything he did for me: in a university as large as Syracuse, as competitive as Newhouse was, and as permissive as the time period (1978 - 1982) was, TR saw something in me, and made sure it flourished. Thanks, TR, for showing me, too, the door to "Heaven" and for taking a particularly special interest in me when I returned from my first (of five) spinal operations that Spring of 1980. You only paved the road I tread for an amazing Fall 1980 and a deliriously controversial and edgy final two years of my time at Newhouse. Thank you to Eric Meola for this posting, and my deepest gratitude to TR. To quote Dr. Larry Mason some three or four days before the dedication of Newhouse III, "I'll tell you, Bernard, there's never been anyone remotely like you come through the program in the last 25 years." As I stood there, IN NEWHOUSE III before its dedication, with my 100 lb greyhound rescue Brutus Maximus, I thanked Larry profusely, and slipped away onto the campus, with a bit of a lift in my step. Thanks, TR. Sorry I couldn't have seen you!

The Vault | Syracuse University 1978 - 1982
Fall 1979 – KNOCK ON WOOD

Ahh. Yep, that's me in all my feathered-hair glory, with my friend Ang, approximately Fall 1979, in front of Sadler Dorm at Syracuse University, with the soon-to-be-demolished Archbold Stadium in the upper left corner of the photo.

God. We LOVED Amii Stewart's KNOCK ON WOOD. Perhaps a little too much!

Photo courtesy Ro Fecanin, my "time-out" partner in crime!


From the artist, a more complete picture of the entire "lifestyle" of 1979:

Rosemary Fecanin DePinto commented on your photo.

Rosemary wrote:
"Punish the parquet, wore off the varnish!! That's why I did this creation in my design class so that I would have a lasting memory of that year! And I may add that it still adorns my mother's sun porch a monument to a lost era!"

How could we have ever loved a song like that too much?!! Can still see you racing down the hallway when you bought the BIG vinyl! – Ro Fecanin DePinto

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Starbucks Coffee Drops Name from New Logo!
Goes TOTALLY Green!

Born this day in 1965 & 1969
Marilyn Manson v Steven Cojocaru

Pot Calls Kettle Black!
Battle of the Closet Queens
Anderson Cooper v Kenny Chesney

Really now.
Whose balls are bigger?

iTunes $1 Movies | Killing Zoe [1994]

Not terribly bad.

Except there were no fucking English subtitles, iTunes Music Store.
Is that what I would have gotten had I paid more then $1? Subtitles?

No parle vous Francais aqui.

Good movie though.

I thought I was on a heroin trip they consumed so much drugs!

Movie Poster Artwork | The Collector

The Screaming Room | The Collector R-rated

The Screaming Room | The Collector