Saturday, June 25, 2011

Page 248

...said my name while we were at a red light and I turned and he just looked at me with those eyes and I just stared at his lashes and he kept moving closer and I was dry in the mouth and could barely swallow and he moved his face closer to mine and his lips brushed my left cheek (bone) and he just sort of pushed his head in mine while turning but not to his take the contact and then he pulled away and looked at me and he drew me closer and just kissed me on the lips softly then to the cheek again and I sort of didn't react because I was afraid it was a dream (it was) and didn't want to spoil it and then we just started necking real hot like (all at a red light remember)

I have been thinking about this since I dreamt it – all day – I couldn't wait to write it down as if it would be more real.

I ached for it to be true. I put this shoebox in the mail on Friday 8/2 and it was full of the junkiest hokiest Halloween stuff that I loved. Peter would think it junk (even for me to marvel at in a store) but KK sends me a whole box! My heart is heavy. I want to keep it always for the memory – the concrete proof it happened. Still, I cannot believe – and cry inside.

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fatz said...

This needs to be a new recurring series here. The Journals, love it. keep em coming.