Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Vault | Miami 1992
International Fine Arts College [Darkroom]

Over 100 students used this lab, which had ten enlargers, and about 25 kids per lab period. If anything, my students (including Shamus Fatzinger, Mike Mason, Adrian Alston, Beverly Rae Barber, Mario Behr, Arsen Broztek, Oscar Lopez, and Mark M???) learned how to batch process, work together as a team, and critique one another without bloodshed.

And every week, because of the hard usage on the enlargers, I had to align each and every one of them. And if you don't think enlarger alignment is any big deal, look at your print, edge to edge, corner to corner to corner to corner, and then the center. If you can't count the grain in your entire photograph, it's back to the darkroom for you.

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fatz said...

AWESOME! I remember that apron.. wow. cool.