Saturday, December 18, 2010

From the desk of Barack Obama
The End of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Friend --

Moments ago, the Senate voted to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

When that bill reaches my desk, I will sign it, and this discriminatory law will be repealed.

Gay and lesbian service members -- brave Americans who enable our freedoms -- will no longer have to hide who they are.

The fight for civil rights, a struggle that continues, will no longer include this one.

This victory belongs to you. Without your commitment, the promise I made as a candidate would have remained just that.

Instead, you helped prove again that no one should underestimate this movement. Every phone call to a senator on the fence, every letter to the editor in a local paper, and every message in a congressional inbox makes it clear to those who would stand in the way of justice: We will not quit.

This victory also belongs to Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and our many allies in Congress who refused to let politics get in the way of what was right.

Like you, they never gave up, and I want them to know how grateful we are for that commitment.

I will make sure these messages are delivered -- you can also add a comment about what the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" means to you.

As Commander in Chief, I fought to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" because it weakens our national security and military readiness. It violates the fundamental American principles of equality and fairness.

But this victory is also personal.

I will never know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of my sexual orientation.

But I know my story would not be possible without the sacrifice and struggle of those who came before me -- many I will never meet, and can never thank.

I know this repeal is a crucial step for civil rights, and that it strengthens our military and national security. I know it is the right thing to do.

But the rightness of our cause does not guarantee success, and today, celebration of this historic step forward is tempered by the defeat of another -- the DREAM Act. I am incredibly disappointed that a minority of senators refused to move forward on this important, commonsense reform that most Americans understand is the right thing for our country. On this issue, our work must continue.

Today, I'm proud that we took these fights on.

Thank you,


Today's Wonder Woman!
Annie Lennox | Dark Road

This Day in History | 1976
Wonder Woman debuts on ABC Television

Heath & Jake.
Robert & Taylor.

"Don't worry, man. I got your back."

To serve with honor.

Asian is the new black.
Lt Dan Choi by Jason Bell

Finally. With Pride.

Department of the Air Force
United States Army
United States Coast Guard
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Sgt. Leonard Matlovich|8 Sept 1975

The Screaming Room | 2005

I thought I'd re-post a reviewer's comments from AMAZON, and my response to those comments. That should give you an idea of what type of movie ANTIBODIES is: a movie which provokes a visceral response either way.

Customer Review
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
I Didn't Realize This Film Was Required Viewing For All Future Violent Pedofiles. I am NOT Easily Shocked, But I Was Here..., December 2, 2009
By Kenneth A. Nelson "Just Being Ken"
This review is from: Antibodies (DVD)
I found myself evaluating my own inner self after watching this film alone in my own home. How could I have found this foray into the mind of a violent, sadistic pedofile and his personal madness. This study was overwhelming for me. The movie was very well made and written, directed and acted. I am usually not entertained by the derangements of the human mind, yet I couldn't look away or pause the film.
This is definately not for the weak of heart, people who react badly to blood or for minors (with or without a parent or guardian).
Before purchasing it, I thought it was a film concerning AIDS in the gay community, but this wasn't a musical comedy with fabulous wardrobes.
It was life at its worst.

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Your initial post: Dec. 18, 2010 9:10 AM PST
Bernard M Lynch Jr says:
"...I thought it was a film concerning AIDS in the gay community, but this wasn't a musical comedy with fabulous wardrobes. It was life at its worst."
I'm sorry you needed to show just how ignorant people can be about "the gay community" and AIDS, in particular.
By saying "this wasn't a musical comedy with fabulous wardrobes" you have clearly put yourself on a public pedestal of pathos.
I am gay, HIV negative, saw WAY too many friends, relatives, and people die from AIDS, including women, members of various minority groups, and, yes, even "gay" men.
To rally up your connection of a movie about AIDS and the gay community with a tip of the hat to musical comedies and fabulous wardrobes,
you have exhibited yourself to the world as the deeply-seated hateful person you really are.
Yes. This movie was life at its worst. But it was still a movie.
You, Mr Kenneth A. Nelson, are a person exhibiting life at its worst.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Larry King | Grace Jones
The One Who Got Away!

Grace probably would have slapped Larry across the face!

Larry King's Phallic Mic

Larry King
Don't forget: he slept with his wife's sister!

From TMZ:

TMZ fans who go to the site for juicy gossip about sexy celebs were probably a bit surprised today to sign on and discover that the entire page had been taken over by the grizzled face of Larry King. The site posted a whopping 11 updates on the story in the last 24 hours including infidelity allegations coming from both sides. The first attack came from King’s wife, Shawn Southwick, who claimed that he had been having an affair with her own sister.

For everyone who’s been too busy to keep up with latest dirt, here’s a quick rundown of how this has all unfolded. By reading all these posts, you should be able to accurately predict every joke in Jay Leno’s monologues for the next week and a half.

King and Southwick are married in 1997.

Two sons are born, one in 1999 and one in 2000. King has three adult-aged children from previous marriages.

Yesterday morning, King files for divorce, seeking joint custody.

Southwick files for divorce a few hours later and asks for primary custody.

Two hours after the initial report, TMZ posts that Southwick is accusing King of having an affair with her sister.

TMZ talks to the sister, who denies the affair.

Old rumors from a few months ago resurface, linking Southwick to the son’s baseball coach.
TMZ digs up an old video with Penate where he admitted that “mistakes were made”.

While it’s not that shocking to learn that a man who’s been married eight times has problems with monogamy, it is interesting to note that the sister, Shannon Engemann, is also incredibly good looking as the modeling portfolio on her website proves.

As for the other affair, cheating with your son’s little league coach is the only thing that can be soap opera-ish than having an affair with your sister in law. These two are like three Lifetime movies wrapped up in one. Presumably, Southwick and the coach, Hector Penate, bonded over common interests like movies, music, and being born in the same half of the century.

Personally, we find this story much more interesting than the Tiger Woods situation. There’s nothing too shocking about finding out that a rich, handsome, young athlete has been bedding a bunch of beautiful women, But when it comes out that a 76-year-old most famous for wearing suspenders may have been sleeping with two beautiful sisters (not at the same time), we have to take notice.

TIME Magazine | Person of the Year 2010
Mark Zuckerberg
Founder, Facebook

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Even Perfection Makes a Mistake
Annie Lennox Live on REGIS & KELLY

The End of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

Breaking News Alert: House votes to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell' 
December 15, 2010 5:27:34 PM

House lawmakers voted 250 to 175 to end the ban on gays serving openly in the military. The legislation could be considered next week in the Senate, where efforts to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" law have languished.

This Day in 1992 | Arthur Ashe
Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

Catching Up!
Born December 14, 1503
Nostradamus, seer

Catching Up!
Born December 14, 1895
Paul Eluard, artist, Surrealist

Catching Up!
Born December 14, 1919
Shirley Jackson, author [Syracuse Univ alum]

Born Shirley Hardie Jackson in San Francisco, California, to Leslie and Geraldine Jackson, Shirley and her family lived in the community of Burlingame, California, an affluent middle-class suburb that would feature in Shirley's first novel The Road Through the Wall. The Jackson family then relocated to Rochester, New York, where Shirley attended Brighton High School and graduated in 1934. For college, she first attended the University of Rochester, before graduating with a BA from Syracuse University in 1940.

While a student at Syracuse, Shirley became involved with the campus literary magazine, through which she met future husband Stanley Edgar Hyman, who would become a noted literary critic. For Stanley J. Kunitz and Howard Harcraft's Twentieth Century Authors (1954), she wrote:
I very much dislike writing about myself or my work, and when pressed for autobiographical material can only give a bare chronological outline which contains, naturally, no pertinent facts. I was born in San Francisco in 1919 and spent most of my early life in California. I was married in 1940 to Stanley Edgar Hyman, critic and numismatist, and we live in Vermont, in a quiet rural community with fine scenery and comfortably far away from city life. Our major exports are books and children, both of which we produce in abundance. The children are Laurence, Joanne, Sarah and Barry: my books include three novels, The Road Through The Wall, Hangsaman, The Bird's Nest and a collection of short stories, The Lottery. Life Among the Savages is a disrespectful memoir of my children.