Friday, December 03, 2010

The Screaming Room | 2005

Last Night a PsyD Saved My Life

And he DOESN'T take notes.

Holy Cross High School | Waterbury CT
Class of 1978
Then + Now

Most likely to take notes, and name names.

The Vault | Miami Shores 1990s

There's always your first grey.
Grace Jones Lynch 1997 – 2003

Business Card Logo

By the time this image registers on your retina, 
I'm probably already gone.

Tag. You're it.

Born this day in 1961 | Julianne Moore

Born this day in 1968 | Brendan Fraser

©photographer unknown

Robert Mapplethorpe | The X Portfolio [Alternates]
Marty and Veronica

The New Nude

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Robert Mapplethorpe | Rare Image
The X Portfolio Out-take
Marty and Veronica (?)

Mapplethorpe may have been dead since 1989, but it seems there are still a number of images which creep out (literally) from time to time, never having before been published.

Might this be an out-take from the X-Portfolio? an alternate image of Marty and Veronica?

If it is, only the tables were turned to protect the guilty.

The Lost Photographer | Bill King [American]
Rolling Stone [19 April 1979]
The Village People

The Lost Photographer | Bill King [American]

Photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe, with his images strewn throughout GQ and Vogue in the 80s, Bill King's work vanished into obscurity after his death from AIDS. Rumors of Polaroids of some of the most famous people in the world at their most decadent captured during his legendary studio parties have persisted throughout the years. According to urban legend, he left all his work to his last assistant, Stewart Shining, but legendary stories of a massive studio fire and a protracted legal suit with Bill King's family, as well as a massive inheritance tax which needed to be paid, have all contributed to the rarity of Bill King's images, considered by most to be one of the greatest fashion photographers of the 80s. Will we ever see the legendary coffee table book which was being assembled at the time of his death? Only the future will tell.

Queen | The Magic Years: Vol. 1 – 3

Check the link here for a QuickTime version of each volume of this long-overdue on DVD set by The Torpedo Twins! Scroll down alphabetically to QUEEN, and download all three files. Professionally ripped from the Japanese version (hence, the Japanese titles), converted to .mkv and then converted, with stereo sound, to QuickTime. Be sure to leave a comment!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I love Armageddon!

Born this day in 1918
Madeleine L'Engle, author
A Wrinkle In Time

And this is the classic cover.
If you read this version, you're the coolest!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Screaming Room | 2006

A mind is a terrible thing to lose, especially in 80 minutes.
Brilliant film.
Let's just say I didn't see "it" coming.

The Screaming Room | 2008
Dead in 3 Days

Ich errate, dass Einkaufen aus der Frage ist! 

Winter Wear