Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mapplethorpe|A Glass of Water

Exhibition|Robert Mapplethorpe [online]

When you click here for the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition, you will see the photograph above. In the upper right hand corner, highlighted only here in orange, you will see a light grey icon to the far right of the word KLICKEN, um Diashow zu offnen. Click that icon, and the show will open up right on your screen. Through August 15, so hurry!

Playlist|Cruel Summer [Bananarama]

"Cruel Summer" is a pop song originally performed by Bananarama that was a top ten hit in Britain in 1983. Sara Dallin of Bananarama told The Guardian that the song “played on the darker side (of summer songs): it looked at the oppressive heat, the misery of wanting to be with someone as the summer ticked by. We've all been there!”


"Cruel Summer" was not an immediate international success when it was released. Its international popularity soared after its inclusion in the 1984 feature film The Karate Kid; this was a year after the song's original release. The group did not allow the song to be included in the film's soundtrack, but regardless it was their first top ten hit in the USA. When Bananarama were still struggling to make money in their early years, they even performed the song at a beauty contest in Hawaii.

The song has since been revived in various forms. It appeared in several television commercials, was included on the soundtrack to the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and was covered by other acts, such as Ace of Base, who scored an international hit with it (their version even reached gold in the US), and Blestenation on the Blue Crush soundtrack. In 2003, Swedish electronica female artist Sophie Rimheden sampled the beat and bassline from the song on the track "In Your Mind" of the album HiFi.

Since its success, the group recorded another three versions of the song. "Cruel Summer '89" was recorded with new member Jacquie O'Sullivan in 1989, and given a new jack swing make-over. It reached number nineteen in the UK singles chart in June. This version was not included on a Bananarama album until 2005's Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection.

Another version of the song was recorded and featured on their 2001 album Exotica. This version featured Latin instrumentation and additional lyrics, but it was not released as a single. In 2009 they released another updated version as a B-side to their single "Love Comes".

The song was also featured as the theme tune to the first series of Trouble's reality show of the same name, where a group of young adults were sent off to a holiday camp, only to be tortured and humiliated in an attempt to win a large sum of money.


This "was" a squirrel.

Make a "rose water" wish.|The recipe!

It's 'Camera Day,' and when I think 'camera' I also think 'lens.' When I think 'lens' I also think 'eye' and I invariably end up thinking about rose colored glasses. Ah, summer, a perfect time for taking off the Chanel shades and donning a pair of rose colored glasses. Better yet, there's no medicine necessary for this kind of pink eye! And speaking of pink roses and glasses, rosewater has been used through the ages when manifesting and creating different hopes, wishes and dreams. Take the petals from a dozen roses and put them in a glass jar and fill with water to cover the petals only. Let this jar sit outside in the sun for one day. Discard the petals and save the water. Then write a wish on a piece of paper and place it in the rose water. The ink will somewhat dissolve whereupon you should drink the rest of the water in order to make this wish come true by this time next year. You know summertime, right? It's the time when the livin' is easy, the fish are jumping and the cotto is high. The accent is on living being easy when you use this rosewater recipe!

Dark Shadows|Episode 1
My Name is Victoria Winters...

Filming Dark Shadows|Episode #1

Monday, June 28, 2010

Run with these Scissors, Sisters!

This day in history|1820
Tomato proven non-poisonous

Tomato and Knife, 1989|Photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe

Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan

Cartoon credited to Brian Fairrington, caglecartoons.com.