Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Proof of God's Existence.
The Calling of Anne Cipriano

Clearly, God calls home His soldiers when He needs them.

After a life as an angel and soldier of Christ, Anne Cipriano was called Home last evening.

Anne came home on the Ides of March, known widely as the day Brutus killed Caesar as he uttered the immortal words "e tu, Bruté."

From what I know, just before Easter, maybe on Holy Thursday, Anne took a turn for the worst, and was put on morphine and ativan. Myself and her whole family and her legions of friends were praying for an easy passing.

And yet Anne lingered through the entire Easter season, passing just after the closing of Easter Monday, in the wee early hours of Tuesday, having offered up her suffering during the entire Easter season.

And then, the miners died. And God summoned Anne, the patroness of miners, home to help him with the souls lost in the mines.

Think what you may, but if you really focus on something for a moment, and let the dots in the universe connect, you'll find there's more to the world than random events.

Travel well, Anne.

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My best to you all.