Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dancing Shirtless Pays Off!!!
SquareHippies Popped My Cherry

I suppose it's every girl's dream come true, but I would like to thank all the little people who hunt and peck their way to the most audacious orange tree on the internet, OrangeMercury.

Even more so, I'd like to thank my new friends and fans over at SquareHippies for not only being a fan of OrangeMercury, but for being the FIRST, yes, the FIRST external blog to include me in their BlogRoll of THE SHIRTLESS ALLIANCE.

I knew, back in the 70s, it was mighty radical to rip off one's shirt in a heated amyl nitrate dancing frenzy (think THE BREAK or Sylvester's MIGHTY REAL, or Karen Young's HOT SHOT dropped around 1:30a) but to be almost 50, never seen on a dancefloor (hey kids, I'm a legend, and either you were there and you're dead, or you weren't there and you've only heard the stories!) and most unlikely to rip off my shirt in the gym locker room, I mean, hey! It's a start!

So next time you even THINK about THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, get your fingers (and your eyeballs) over to my new friends over at SQUAREHIPPIES, where even a guy in scrubs taking a picture of himself in the mirror with an iPhone can be a starlet. (That's you, Preston!)


Today's posts will be about everything SQUARE!!!!

1 comment: said...

This photograph is all over the internet, and the FIRST time I saw it, it was on, which maintains its origin via the name of the website down the right-hand side, and the "name" of the model on the bottom right.

There are at least a half-dozen photographs on the internet of this same gentlemen, photographing himself with an iPhone, with his head shorn, wearing glasses, not wearing glasses, wearing a jock strap, not wearing a jock strap, and, at least two photographs I have seen on a number of websites where said model is presumably nude, pubic hair visible, photograph taken at or just below the pubic bone.

I chose the least suggestive of the number available, and credited the website where I first noted the photograph.

Two sites where the photographed posted herein are (hysterically well-written) and the banal I've seen the photograph on a number of other sites, but never really registered them in my mind.

Or on my site.