Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods Can't Drive. Shoulda putted!

Tiger Woods car accident interview was rescheduled. Friday, Florida State troopers attempted to speak to Tiger Woods about the car accident that occurred outside Tiger Woods home early Friday morning, but his wife, Erin Nordegren told them he was sleeping. An appointment for Saturday was scheduled, but when Florida State troopers arrived on Saturday, they were told that Tiger Woods was not available to talk and were asked to reschedule for Sunday.

Tiger Woods was taken to the hospital after the accident, but released a few hours later in good condition. The car accident occurred near the Woods home, as Tiger Woods pulled out of his driveway in his 2009 SUV Cadillac and ran into a fire hydrant and then a tree. Tiger Woods was in and out of consciousness when rescuers arrived at his home.

Like we'd all be able to get away with "can't talk, I'm sleeping."

I smell tiger dung.

Hello. And you are?
President Obama Meets the Party Crashers

Bless me, Father, for YOU have sinned!

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport has acknowledged in court papers that it documented 32 accusations of sexual abuse of children by priests associated with a parish here over 40 years.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Their 15 Minutes|Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

CNN's got a great read on this nouveau riche white trash couple, who, surprisingly, will be on Larry King Live on Monday. Go fig.

Pardon me?

WikiLeak|The 9.11 Text Messages

Somehow, thousands of text messages from 9|11 made their way to the folks over at WikiLeaks.

Reading them is a daunting task, but hidden in with the monotony of the day ("your bank balance is...", "take meds", "the weather is...") is the desperate horror of people "not knowing."

Not knowing what's going on.
Not knowing where their loved ones are.
Not knowing if they will live.
Not knowing if they will ever see another day.
Not knowing what to do.

Famous Last Words
Hi. We're on the guest list.

photo ©Shamus Ian Fatzinger; photoshop + crop ©

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fuck You...AIDS!

Freddie Mercury
The Greatest Live Performer of All Time

His range was 3 octaves, with an additional 11 semitones (1 semitone away from another octave) in falsetto. His lowest recorded note is the F (F2) above bass low C (C2), or the second-lowest F on the piano. He is heard hitting this note in the songs "Don't Try Suicide", "All Dead, All Dead", "Somebody to Love" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
His highest recorded note in full voice was the F (F5) above tenor high C (C5), or the third-highest F on the piano. He is heard hitting this note in full voice in the song "All God's People".
His highest recorded note overall is the E (E6) above the soprano high C (C6), or the second-highest E on the piano. He is heard hitting this note in the song "It's Late". Thus his full voice range was 3 octaves (F2-F5), and his total range was one semitone away from four octaves (F2-E6).

Mercury is noted for his live performances, which were often delivered to stadium audiences around the world. He displayed a highly theatrical style that often evoked a great deal of participation from the crowd. A writer for The Spectator described him as "a performer out to tease, shock and ultimately charm his audience with various extravagant versions of himself". David Bowie, who performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and recorded the song "Under Pressure" with Queen, praised Mercury's performance style, saying: "Of all the more theatrical rock performers, Freddie took it further than the rest... he took it over the edge. And of course, I always admired a man who wears tights. I only saw him in concert once and as they say, he was definitely a man who could hold an audience in the palm of his hand."

One of Mercury's most notable performances with Queen took place at Live Aid in 1985, during which the entire stadium audience of 72,000 people clapped, sang, and swayed in unison. Queen's performance at the event has since been voted by a group of music executives as the greatest live performance in the history of rock music. The results were aired on a television program called "The World's Greatest Gigs". In reviewing Live Aid in 2005, one critic wrote, "Those who compile lists of Great Rock Frontmen and award the top spots to Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, etc all are guilty of a terrible oversight. Freddie, as evidenced by his Dionysian Live Aid performance, was easily the most godlike of them all."

Over the course of his career, Mercury performed an estimated 700 concerts in countries around the world with Queen. A notable aspect of Queen concerts was the large scale involved. He once explained, "We're the Cecil B. DeMille of rock and roll, always wanting to do things bigger and better." The band were the first ever to play in South American stadiums, breaking worldwide records for concert attendance in the Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo in 1981. In 1986, Queen also played behind the Iron Curtain, when they performed to a crowd of 80,000 in Budapest. Mercury's final live performance with Queen took place on 9 August 1986 at Knebworth Park in England and drew an attendance estimated as high as 300,000.

Queen|1977 Earls Court Live
The Infamous Medley!

Watch and learn, children, from the Master.
It never got better than this, Freddie at 31 years old, breaking boundaries heretofore unknown!

And in his own inimitable style!!!

The infamous medley with Jailhouse Rock and Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin'...along with a few other interesting cuts thrown in.

Thank you...GOOD NIGHT!

Freddie Mercury & Queen|Wembley 1986
Tie Your Mother Down|Live

Freddie|Love of My Life
Wembley 1986
The Audience in the Palm of His Hand!

Queen|Tie Your Mother Down
Live 1977 - 1986

Queen|Tie Your Mother Down
Hammersmith 1979 LIVE

Queen|Tie Your Mother Down
Houston 1977 LIVE

Queen|Tie Your Mother Down
Earls Court 1977 LIVE

Queen Megamix|Part 1 and Part 2

There's some serious megamixing going on in the Queen camp, and in memory of Freddie, I thought I'd share the megamixes: here's Part 1, and here's Part 2.



Part 1 (31:31)

Save Me
It´s A Hard Life
We Will Rock You
Bicycle Race
Bohemian Rhapsody
Now I´m Here
Hammer To Fall
Seven Seas Of Rhye
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Under Pressure
Killer Queen
Invisible Man
One Vision
Radio Gaga
I´m Going Slightly Mad
You´re My Best Friend

Part 2 (31:52)

Who Wants To Live Forever
Made In Heaven
Bohemian Rhapsody
Too Much Love Wil Kill You
Friends Will Be Friends
Play The Game
The Show Must Go On
Fat Bottomed Girls
Good Old Fashioned Loverboy
I Want It All
Mother Love
Heaven For Everyone
Don´t Stop Me Now
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I Was Born To Love You
A Kind Of Magic

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe
Barcelona – Live
08 October 1988

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe
How Can I Go On? Live.

Freddie Mercury + Brian May
Live Aid 1985
Is This The World We Created?

Freddie Mercury|Love Kills
Video Tribute

This Day in History|1991
Freddie Mercury,
Lead Singer of Queen, Dies at 45

This Day in History|1991
Freddie Mercury,
Lead Singer of Queen, Dies at 45

Freddie Mercury

This Day in History|1991
The Day the Music Died
Freddie Mercury, 45, lead singer of Queen,
succumbs to AIDS

Monday, November 23, 2009

This Day in History|1991
Freddie Mercury's Last Press Release

Following the enormous conjecture in the press over the last two weeks, I wish to confirm that I have been tested HIV positive and have AIDS. I felt it correct to keep this information private to date to protect the privacy of those around me. However, the time has come now for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth and I hope that everyone will join with me, my doctors, and all those worldwide in the fight against this terrible disease. My privacy has always been very special to me and I am famous for my lack of interviews.

Please understand this policy will continue.

Did you catch the TRAIN?

Event Chart

Closer Look...

Talk about "growing your own..."

Coming Attractions|Daybreakers 2010

Starstruck|Robbie Williams

I guess the odds are very good
But the goods are very odd
And even though I talk with the devil
I only made the deal with god.

Lee Daniels, d. PRECIOUS (spoiler alert!)

Photographs ©Robert Maxwell for The New York Times

L - R: Lee Daniels, Mo'Nique, Mo'Nique, Mariah Carey.

Here's a deep and insightful interview with Lee Daniels, the director of PRECIOUS. First published in The New York Times Magazine, 25 October 2009.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

From the novel PUSH by Sapphire

PRECIOUS is all-too-real.
I put PRECIOUS in the same category as SCHINDLER'S LIST.
Can you say it was "good?"

No, because it was great.

And it was great, because it was real.

And because it was real, it was fucking brutal in every manner.

When you start talking about "the performances" by saying how Mariah Carey was, how Mo'Nique was, and how the lead, Gab Sidibe was, you are missing the point because you are straying from the story.

This is a "must see" film in that I hope it opens the hearts and wallets of people, to support those no one cares about, the people caught in "the system."

And while it was noble, the movie was dedicated to "precious girls everywhere" while it was sad to think there were others out there, whose stories are probably worse.

An accurate window into a life I would never know.


I have a feeling this movie is going to make me sick.

I can watch people getting flayed and split in two on a tablesaw and kinda grin-smile-squint while it's happening. And that doesn't make me sick.

But reality?


It's beyond frightening.

This Day in History|1842
Mt Saint Helens Blows.

This day in history: 1968
Television's 1st Inter-racial Kiss!!!

Television's first inter-racial kiss
was between Kirk and Uhura of STAR TREK.

Somehow, I'm not surprised. Society is more accepting of something "foreign" if it is between creatures in outerspace, rather than two "humans." Granted, Kirk was "human", but something about Uhura's exotic looks lends to a more "fantastical" situation.

God forbid television's first inter-racial kiss be between two people in an ordinary circumstance. Somewhat sadly, and shockingly, I remember walking the streets of downtown when I was younger...and "salt-and-pepper couples" (the semi-accepted slang term for inter-racial) were cause enough to cross the street, and avoid at all costs.

Whispering the "c" word (cancer), avoiding mentally-retarded and crippled people, inter-racial couples, and, God forbid, homosexuals (ironically not lesbians, just men) is all something lumped into my past as remnants of a very fucked up society.

While most of this is now out in the open, I can't say I believe society is more accepting. Just more cunning in the way its prejudices are exhibited (read: hidden.)

Now we have an African-American president. Some 40 years later.

And it all started with a kiss.

Famous Last Words
Dude, you're leaking! [Three Mile Island]