Saturday, November 14, 2009

WAR is not a game.
And blood is red.

"Precious" Little?
Limited Release: Trumbull, CT 06611

I haven't seen "PRECIOUS" yet, the movie based upon the book PUSH, by Sapphire. But I have seen some of the rather graphic details. Glimpses of a life I don't know, won't know, and could only hope disappears at some point in the near future. Then again, the chances of "get yo' ass down to da whale-fare" disappearing are on a par with the world blowing itself to bits in 2012.

So "Precious" is in limited release. I called up a friend today and suggested we get together and see a film, of his choice. And he surprised me and said "I'd love to see PRECIOUS, but it's only playing in Trumbull."

Trumbull. A movie about a black girl who wants to be beaten instead of loved, who has two kids before a GED is playing in TRUMBULL?

That's fucked up. 06611. Trumbull, CT. About as far away from da' ghetto as you could get. 1.8% black. Is that ghetto? An unemployment rate of 1.7%? 2.3% BELOW THE POVERTY LINE? 68.2% married households (two parents! Imagine that!!!!) 23.2% are high school graduates, 23.9% have a Bachelors degree, and 19.4% have graduate or professional degrees. So, basically, 89.7% have graduated from high school (rah-fucking-rah!), and 43.4% have graduated from college, and/or have pursued education beyond the Bachelors level.

So, since movies are all about "escapism" and "losing yourself for a few hours" and, in some very rare cases, "instilling a dream of a better life" I thought I'd look at the demographics of
Trumbull, Connecticut.

So, let's say it once, and say it loud:



Whoops! One Day Late.
Friday, November 13, 2009.

November 13, 1982
Viet Nam Memorial Dedicated in Washington DC

Designed by Maya Lin.

The Crazies
All around's a mad world.

(It's a) Mad World...THE CRAZIES

It' CRAZY this song is now associated with DONNIE DARKO, ADAM LAMBERT (AI), and, its new incarnation.

At least TEARS FOR FEARS are getting their money's worth. It would be great to hear them pull this version off. Or, better still, and EP release of several remixes.

Including Gary Jules' brilliant offering.

Thanks to the one who arrived just in time with this mp3, opening my ears a bit wider.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Day in History|1909
Construction of Navy base
at Pearl Harbor begins

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier|1921

One this day in 1921,

President Warren Harding dedicated The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,

in Arlington Cemetery.

Unknown, but to God.

So the Beauty Queen is a whore now?
"I just want to promote my book..."
Carrie Prejean

Apparently this slut, who filmed herself IN AN X-RATED MANNER WHEN SHE WAS 17 FOR HER BOYFRIEND (hello...can you say CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?) is now an author, whose main thrust of these pages is "don't film yourself when you're underage and make a sex tape" (thanks, Carrie, I'm sure we need that info more than "don't text and drive") and, in that vein, I am giving her some free publicity, with the copyright of the photograph remaining with the original photographer.

Whoever it is that really needed the work to photograph this cooze.

So, here's your link, CARRIE!

Free publicity does not equal copyright infringement!!!!


Happy Birthday to the Original Cougar
Demi Moore

NO! Say it ain't so!
Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN!

(CNN) -- CNN's Lou Dobbs announced Wednesday night on his show that he is leaving the network. Here is a transcript of those remarks.

Dobbs: Tonight, I want to turn to a personal note if I may and address a matter that has raised some curiosity.
This will be my last broadcast here on CNN, where I have worked for most of the past 30 years and where I have many friends and colleagues whom I admire deeply and respect greatly.

I'm the last of the original anchors here on CNN, and I'm proud to have had the privilege of helping to build the world's first news network. I am grateful for the many opportunities that CNN has given me over these many years, I've tried to reciprocate with the full measure of my ability and my energy.

Over the past six months, it's become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us. And some leaders in media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem-solving, as well as to contribute positively to a better understanding of the great issues of our day. And to continue to do so in the most honest and direct language possible.

I've talked extensively with Jonathan Klein; Jon's the president of CNN, and as a result of those talks, Jon and I have agreed to a release from my contract that will enable me to pursue new opportunities.

At this point, I'm considering a number of options and directions and I assure you I will let you know when I set my course.
I truly believe that the major issues of our time include the growth of our middle class, the creation of more jobs, health care, immigration policy, the environment, climate change, and our military involvement, of course, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But each of those issues is in my opinion informed by our capacity to demonstrate strong resilience of our now weakened capitalist economy and demonstrate the political will to overcome the lack of true representation in Washington, D.C. I believe these to be profoundly critically important issues and I will continue to strive to deal honestly and straightforwardly with those issues in the future.

Unfortunately, these issues are now defined in the public arena by partisanship and ideology rather than by rigorous empirical thought and forthright analysis and discussion. I'll be working diligently to change that as best I can. And, as for the important work of restoring inspiration to our great free society and our market economy, I will strive as well to be a leader in that national conversation.

It's been my great honor to work with each and every person at this wonderful network. I will be eternally grateful to CNN, to Ted Turner, and to all of my colleagues and friends and, of course, to you at home. I thank you and may God bless you.

The news continues for the rest of this hour. I'll be back right after the break.

Veterans' Day, 2009
What's "happy" about it?