Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tonight @ The Union Theater NYC

A $25 fan-club seating ticket...2nd row, center.
Doesn't get better than this!

I hope he's ready for his close-up!

Two saws to see, too!!!







SAW 666

Pumpkin Anus v02

ich bin ein Saw.

Saw VI
Round & Round & Round They Go...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 10 Major Magazine Closures

1. Country Home - 1,200,000 circulation
2. Domino - 1,100,000
3. Nick (Nickelodeon) Magazine - 1,000,000
4. Gourmet - 977,000
5. Hallmark Magazine - 750,000
6. Travel & Leisure Golf - 650,000
7. Time Style & Design - 550,000
8. (tie) Cookie - 500,000
9. (tie) Best Life - 500,000
10. Condé Nast Portfolio - 450,000

I guess it's not a good time to be in the print industry.
I mean, really, GOURMET?

The full article can be found here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Annie Lennox & DJ Earworm

Diane Arbus Twins|Redux
Hallowe'en 2009

Grace Jones
One Man Show|Digital Version

Not available on DVD, this version was professionally ripped from a clean copy of the VHS.
The liner notes contain the following:

Directed by Jean Paul Goude, the track listing is Warm Leatherette, Walking In The Rain, Feel Up, La Vie En Rose, Demolition Man, Pull Up To The Bumper, Private Life, My Jamaican Guy, Living My Life, Libertango.
Happy Hallowe'en, and enjoy!

Lt. Dan Choi
Human Rights Committee Speech DC

The Diane Arbus Twins
Hallowe'en Redux 2009

Attack of the Pumpkins 2

Attack of the Pumpkin

Born this day in 1968|Hugh Jackman

Is This It?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Luke Perry|1966

Panoramic v Stitch

So that's where The North Pole is?



TEXAS guitarist ALISTAIR MCERLAINE has made a vital breakthrough in his fight for life following a recent brain haemorrhage - he has been taken off a life support machine.

The 40 year old collapsed suddenly in September (09) and was admitted to hospital in London where he underwent an operation to relieve pressure on his brain.

MCErlaine has spent a month in an intensive care unit since the surgery and doctors have now deemed him well enough to breathe unaided.

Texas manager Rab Andrew is delighted with the musician's progress. He says, "On Wednesday Alistair made a great breakthrough and was taken out of intensive care. He has now got rid of any viruses that may have been lurking and is thankfully off his life-support machine. He has a really long way to go but it is great that he is off the danger list..
"He has made good progress to get this far. The doctors don't know yet how long the recovery will take but he is alive and that is just the first step."

Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri said at the time of MCErlaine's collapse: "I am thinking of Ally and all of his family at this time. My thoughts are with them. Like everyone else, I am desperately hoping Ally will get well and pull through. It is a shock. He is a personal friend and all of us are wishing him well with all our hearts."

Proof of Lies
The North Pole.

OrangeMercury v Mapplethorpe