Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grace Jones. The Rhythm.
The original, uncut, long-version.

Soundtrack|Grace Jones
Do or Die.

Brad Renfro

You have no idea what I can do.

–|Todd Bowden, APT PUPIL

In 1995, he won Hollywood Reporter's "Young Star" award, and was nominated as one of People's "Top 30 Under 30."

Renfro was found dead on January 15, 2008 in his Los Angeles apartment.[10] On February 8, 2008, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office ruled that Renfro's death was accidental, attributing it to acute heroin/morphine intoxication.

Feliz cumpleaños a mi madre!

Apt Pupil

Brilliant fucking movie.
Absolutely brilliant.
And a flawless adaptation from a Stephen King novella.

The Apt Pupil: Brad Renfro
Born this day in 1982; d. 2008

The 1st Bikini, Paris: 1946

Louis Réard to model the first modern-day bikini on July 5, 1946 at Piscine Molitor in Paris. Réard could not find a model who would dare to wear his design. He ended up hiring Bernardini, a 19 year old nude dancer from the Casino de Paris as his model.

Thomas Eakins|1844
Photographer, Painter: Teacher

This, students modeling for their teacher's painting reference, wouldn't be happening today.

No matter how innocent the teacher, nor how willing the models.

I'd know.

July 25|St Jacques Majeur

Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones

Rhythm is both the songs manical and its demonic charge.
It is the original breath , it is the whisper of unremitting demand.
What do you still want to be said of the singer?
What do you think you can still draw from my lips?
Exact presence that no fantasy can represent.
Purveyor of the old secret, alive with the blood that boils again,
And is pulsing where the rhythm is torn apart.
How your singers blood is incensed at the depth of sound.
Lacerations echo in the mouths open erotic sky where dance together,
The lost trenches of rythm and an imploring immobility...

Ladies and gentlemen...

Miss Grace Jones...

Jones, the rhythm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Grace Jones
I'm gonna get down on my knees!

Grace Jones @ The Hammerstein Ballroom
Thursday, 30 July 2009

Grace Jones was one of the more unforgettable characters to emerge from New York City's hedonistic Studio 54 disco scene during the late '70s. Born May 19, 1952, in Kingston, Jamaica, Jones studied theater at Syracuse University before launching a career as a model. Jones' statuesque and flamboyant look proved to be a hit in the New York City nightclub scene, which led to a recording contract with Island Records in 1977. While such disco-based albums as 1977's Portfolio, 1978's Fame, and 1979's Muse failed to break the singer commercially, Jones soon amassed a substantial following amongst gay men with her sexually charged live show, leading to her title at the time of "Queen of the Gay Discos."

But with the dawn of the '80s came a massive anti-disco movement across the U.S., leading to Jones focusing on more new wave and experimental-based work resulting in two of her best-known and strongest releases -- 1980's Warm Leatherette and 1981's Nightclubbing -- both produced by the noted reggae team of Sly & Robbie (the latter release spawned one of Jones' biggest hits, "Pull Up to the Bumper," as well as covers of Iggy Pop's "Nightclubbing" and the Police's "Demolition Man"). It was also around this time that Jones changed her look to suit the times by replacing her S&M look of the '70s with a detached, androgynous image. Jones' sixth solo release overall, Living My Life, followed in 1982, while the singer took a break from recording to focus on film work and landed roles in such movies as Conan the Destroyer and the James Bond flick A View to a Kill. Jones' romantic life also provided tabloid fodder at the time when she was linked with Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren).

Jones eventually returned back to her recording career, enlisting super-producer Trevor Horn (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) to oversee 1985's Slave to the Rhythm, which turned out to be a somewhat autobiographical work (the same year, a ten-track compilation was issued as well, Island Life). Jones' penchant for working with big-name producers continued on 1986's Inside Story; with production chores handled by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the album spawned one of Jones' last successful singles, "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You)." After 1989's Bulletproof Heart, Jones seemed to turn her back on her recording career (although 1993 saw the release of a new single, "Sex Drive"), as she again focused primarily on movies, including a role in Eddie Murphy's hit 1992 comedy Boomerang.

The double-disc set Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions (a collection of 26 tracks that Jones recorded with Sly & Robbie during their early '80s union) was released in 1998, which was followed up four years later with Island Life, Vol. 2. On June 23rd 2004 Amazing Grace Jones performed for a sold out audience at New York's infamous Crobar for The Underground Network & Soul Groove Records. The show was incredibly intense. ~ Greg Prato. All Music Guide

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shake that ass!
Tokyo Project|The Collection

Check out the three discs and 40 tunes.

1. The Weekend (Juan Magan Remix)
2. Seven Days In Sunny June (Steve Mac Classic Remix)
3. Sean (Migs Salted Vocal)
4. Everybody (Dj Friendly Re-Edit)
5. Doctor Pressure (Dirty Club)
6. So Many Times (Original Mix)
7. Let's Get Down (Full Intention Club Mix)
8. Do Your Thing (Jaxx 2002 Club Edit)
9. Freek U (Club Mix)
10. Love Me (12" Mix)
11. Bring Back The Love (Hold Me Down) (Soul Avengerz Mix)
12. Always Wanted (Club Mix)
13. Haven't You Heard
14. Something About You (12" Mix)
15. Give It (Extended Club Mix)
16. Nasty Girl (Riff & Rays Remix)
17. Little Love (Original Version)
18. I Like Love (I Love Love) (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
19. Can't Fake It (Steven Tibet Vocal)
20. Love On My Mind (Full Intention Club Mix)
21. Love's Just Found Me (Extended Club Mix)
22. Mesmerized (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix)
23. Perfection (Haji & Emanuel Remix)
24. I Just Can't Get Enough (H&F's Risque Vox Mix)
25. Strings Of Life (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
26. My Precious Love (Df500 Mix)
27. Shined On Me (Bini & Martini Mix)
28. Cocoon (12" Mix)
29. Avalon (David Guetta Mix)
30. Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix)
31. I Like The Way (Full Length Version)
32. Dreamer (Axe Guitar Mix)
33. Bodybody (Dirty South Remix)
34. Someday (Extended Mix)
35. Make Em Shake It (Sandy Rivera Mix)
36. Piano Track (Original Club Edit)
37. 49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
38. Together (Original Mix)
39. Discopolis (Original Version)
40. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)

This Song Has No Title
Just Words and a Tune

Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

Tune me in to the wild side of life
I'm an innocent young child sharp as a knife
Take me to the garretts where the artists have died
Show me the courtrooms where the judges have lied

Let me drink deeply from the water and the wine
Light coloured candles in dark dreary mines
Look in the mirror and stare at myself
And wonder if that's really me on the shelf

And each day I learn just a little bit more
I don't know why but I do know what for
If we're all going somewhere let's get there soon
Oh this song's got no title just words and a tune

Take me down alleys where the murders are done
In a vast high powered rocket to the core of the sun
Want to read books in the studies of men
Born on the breeze and die on the wind

If I was an artist who paints with his eyes
I'd study my subject and silently cry
Cry for my darkness to come down on me
For confusion to carry on turning the wheel

G - 9 and counting!
Grace at The Hammerstein!

Find the man's face in the coffee beans!
He's there, and it's not a pattern!

Monday, July 20, 2009

White house with perfect triangle.

The Summer of '69
Gay Liberation, Man on the Moon

Birthday Twins?
What do Nam June Paik + Diana Rigg have in common?

It’s just useless to ignore
We’re going down,
but you don’t feel it

The Front Runner|The Movie

Don't get too excited.
Seems the story of a lifetime is just schilling for a buyer.

Don't get how BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN could be made,
and this brilliant coming-of-age story could languish in some file cabinet somewhere.

G - 10 and counting!
Grace at The Hammerstein!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freddie Mercury + Queen|Jailhouse Rock
Houston 1977

Halo v02
New Haven CT

You wear guilt
Like shackles on your feet
Like a
halo in reverse
I can feel
The discomfort in your seat
And in your head it's worse

Halo v01
New Haven CT

For she has a halo
Can we touch her
For their blindness
She sees much further