Friday, June 12, 2009

The 2nd Coming of our lord and saviour

Wednesday 29 July 2009
Hammerstein Ballroom
311 West 34th St.
New York NY
United States

Today is NOT Grace Jones' birthday.

It's May 19, fuckwad.
Haven't you ever heard the lyrics to DO OR DIE?

Pet Shop Boys at The Brits
Did you see me coming?

Pet Shop Boys rate right up there with Depeche Mode, but they take their stage presence to a very-welcome extreme!

I'll be seeing them at the Hammerstein in September 2009.

David Beckham's new work unveiled in London.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brutus does this...outside though.

Help Matt & Jeff win

I don't know either of these guys, nor have they heard of me.
Admittedly, I was "blech" when one answered that his dream wedding was Tom Cruise and his beard Katie Johnnie Holmes, but nevertheless.

I thought AMERICAN IDOL was all about singing, and the really cute married straight guy Kris Allen won, besting the absolute showman and talent which is Adam Lambert.

So, come on. If you read me, vote for these guys
I couldn't make it any easier!

How did you meet?

We were good friends for a couple years before we started dating. We were both healing from recent breakups and grew closer as time passed. Eventually we found ourselves doing everything together. We fell madly in love and decided to move in together.

Why is he/she the one for you?

I cannot imagine myself with anybody else. I think of Matthew and a smile lights up my face. He is my best friend and my true love. Just when I had given up on finding love, he swept me off my feet in a whirlwind of romance.

How did you get engaged?

Right before Christmas, I planned this big night of dinner out, opening some gifts and ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza -- where I was going to propose. But it was a very cold night, and I couldn't convince him to leave the house. So I lit some candles and we had a cozy night in with wine and gifts. One of them was an engagement watch inscribed on the back: "Yours 'til the end of time."

Have you or your fiance/e overcome any obstacles?

We had a close call with layoffs because Matthew is a clothing designer for Macy's. Many of his coworkers were let go. It was a bit of a reality check. We have also started house hunting, and plan to leave the city for suburbia, but we aren't sure how we'll be able to afford a big wedding with a new mortgage.

Which celeb’s wedding is your favorite, and why?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We love that they had it in a castle, and really appreciate the fairy-tale aspect.

Any favorite locations for your wedding?

Matthew wants to have our wedding at The Cloisters in northern New York City. I imagine a lot of tents and a Victorian feel. It's his wedding and all in his head. I am just the lucky guy.

Why should we pick you?

You should pick US because we are living in a new world: a world of change and understanding. A place where we learn how to be better people every day and try to be progressive and not to judge one another on any race, beliefs or orientation. I am hoping that Us Weekly and the people at are open minded and ready to take on the progressive way of thinking and select us because we deserve to win -- and only happen to be a gay couple who are very happy and very much in love.

How would you describe your dream wedding?

We'd have all our families present at the ceremony with white tents, tons of flowers and a lot of good music. We'd want a small orchestra for the first hour followed by a DJ for dancing. It is my personal dream to have Joan Osborne perform her version of "Make You Feel My Love." I want our wedding day to be a day that everyone will never forget -- not just the two of us. I imagine a lot of "firsts" for many people attending.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Today's Birthday Bitch.

The mouthy bitch interviews the ultimate bitch.
Joan Rivers interviewing Grace Jones, on the Carson show, 1984.

The Jonas Brothers STIHL love their fans...
even if they are girls.

Chemistry: Neptunium #93

Neptunium (named for the planet Neptune, the next planet out from Uranus, after which uranium was named) was first discovered by Edwin McMillan and Philip H. Abelson in the year 1940 in Berkeley, California.[6] Initially predicted by Walter Russell's "spiral" organization of the periodic table, it was found at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley where the team produced the neptunium isotope 239Np (2.4 day half-life) by bombarding uranium with slow moving neutrons. It was the first transuranium element produced synthetically and the first actinide series transuranium element discovered.
\mathrm{^{238}_{\ 92}U\ +\ ^{1}_{0}n\ \longrightarrow \ ^{239}_{\ 92}U\ \xrightarrow[23 \ min]{\beta^-} \ ^{239}_{\ 93}Np\ \xrightarrow[2.355 \ d]{\beta^-} \ ^{239}_{\ 94}Pu}

If you are reading this,
thank birthday boy

Tim Berners-Lee.

The Vault|1987
The Hartford Studio

A portrait of my friend, Rose.
Beautiful then, beautiful today.

The Vault|Miami Years

That's a photo of the infamous, and still living, DIVA,
with her companion ZEUS, who, sadly, passed in 1997 from epilepsy.

You go, Diva!

The Vault|The mid-80s

Dead Can Dance|October 2005
The Show Live

Dead Can Dance's last show of the tour took place in Chicago on Wednesday, October 12. It is available as a triple album vinyl record, hand numbered and hand autographed by the band. The records are manufactured on 180g virgin vinyl, and feature the autographs of both Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. Each record will sell for $100 plus $12 shipping. Only 500 sets were pressed and less than twenty remain they're all sold out.

This is the soundboard recording of that evening's performance.

Here's the setlist:

Supreme Court rejects challenge
to 'don't ask, don't tell'

The Associated Press
Monday, June 8, 2009 10:26 AM

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a challenge to the Pentagon policy forbidding gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military, granting a request by the Obama administration.

Natal Transits|Venus Sextile Chiron

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Queen iPod Prototype

Astrology|Sun Sextile Uranus
Creative Change

Grace_1993 – 2003
Easter Sunday 2001 Run

This is a movie clip of my first greyhound, Grace Jones.
After all, she was black, sleek, female, quick, and muscular.

I happened to have a videocam at the right place, for the right moment, at the right time.

(It's a) Mad World...because they're reading this blog!