Saturday, May 23, 2009


By extension.

I saw some other sad eyes.
Not directly, though.

What? Some thirty years later?

If I didn't see it with my own eyes,
I wouldn't have believed it.

It truly is all in the eyes.

Lost my moment, but there may be another.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mickey Mouse silenced!


Adam will have a much bigger career!

American Idol
and the winner is...

fuck this noise.

Freddie Mercury

Queen takes American Idol stage!


There's the sign Adam's got it!

Amerian Idol
Adam Lambert





or America is homophobic!

American Idol: And the winner is...

Freddie Mercury said it best.

And prejudice may just throw this contest to the undeserving.
Adam Lambert can emote just as well as Kris Allen.
But can Kris Allen pull off a screaming rocker?

The ultimate test?
Who can hold their own during the 5'55" of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY?

You know what you get with Kris Allen? Predictability.
What do you get with Adam Lambert? Sheer entertainment.

Either way, Adam Lambert wins.

If America votes otherwise, they were voting AGAINST the eye-liner.

This is, however, not just a vote about talent.
It's a vote about America, and their changing attitudes.
Either they can accept someone who's flirted with "the same side" or they'll take a 23 y/o heterosexual, married Arkansan.

The show must go on.

Ct Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
May 22 - 30, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Surprise Birthday...

Taurus's are more determined,
Nothing's gonna stand in their way,
Loving you was my ambition,
I was born the 19th of May.

Who is tomorrow's birthday celebrant?

Farrah. As she will be remembered...

This Day in History|1872 Bertrand Russell

Patriotism is the willingness
to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.

Patriots always talk of dying for their country
but never of killing for their country.

Bertrand Russell

I can have a birthday party, and see Russia, from my house!
Tina Fey|1970

This Day in History|1980
Blow me, Helen!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No Go Logo!
I am "imagining greater..."

So The SciFi Channel had some "ownership" issues with their name etc etc etc. The best part of The SciFi Channel's ID was "iF" and the commercials it spawned (still lovin' the "inside every black man is a black woman dying to come out" commercial, or the blowing up the balloon dog's a-hole...)

But this?

Bonnie. Ms. Hammer.

I could do better!

Enjoying the Silence!
Queen + Paul Rodgers Break Up!

Enjoy the Silence!
Depeche Mode Cancels Concerts!
Dave's got gastro!

Depeche Mode

Apparently, Dave ate the WRONG food, in the WRONG place, at the WRONG time, with the WRONG company...