Saturday, March 07, 2009

1996|Hubble Telescope Images

1st surface photos of Pluto by Hubble Space Telescope

A square birthday|Piet Mondrian

Queen|The Official Mixes
Part I & Part II
REPOSTED; New link!!!

Two AMAZING mixes of Queen's entire catalog, each topping out around 35 minutes. Professionally-mixed, they are a very welcome and quite unexpected trip down Queen's memory lane, circa 1974 – 1991.

Part I is here:
Part II is here:

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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Vault|The mid-80s
Polaroid Original

I don't miss you,
Just who
You used to be.
And you don't ring true,
So please –
Stop calling me
Your Love is a ten penny
You're dropping clues
Like you've got any.
You got to choose
There's been so many ohhhh...

Remember the Alamo.

Walter Cronkite

Silly Putty

Dr Manhattan=hot!

Repeat after me: SAY-ten

Barte. You have such beautiful eyes...

Biting the hand that feeds me.

Liz Smith: "Never have you heard such gnashing of teeth, such cries for revenge, such shouts of betrayal and screams of outrage" (Clarke, 469). Nedda Logan, wife of director Josh Logan: "That dirty little toad is never coming to my parties again" (469). New York Magazine: "Capote Bites the Hands That Fed Him" (468). Tennessee Williams: "shockingly repugnant and thoroughly libelous" (489). Katherine Anne Porter: "unspeakably hideous. . . [Capote's] life has turned to a kind of poison that he's spitting out all over the world" (490). One "sitter," Ann Woodward, featured at length in one of "La Cote Basque's" more scandalous asides, is said to have swallowed a fatal dose of Seconal (she had been depressed for some time) after having gotten her hands on an advance copy (see Clarke, 467).

Progression for yesterday
4 May 1960

And mine. Just to keep things in balance.

Inner stability

Valid during many months: At this time you can incorporate into yourself the fruits of previous successes, look them over and appreciate them for what they were. The key idea is that you are in a position to understand your life and therefore better able to be in conscious control of it. This is not merely an intellectual understanding, it is born of experience. You have lived through certain things, and now you can proceed on the basis of that understanding.

Your business or professional life will run smoothly at this time. Employers and superiors appreciate your calm, controlled way of handling your work, and they can see the results of your past experience. Relationships, which reflect what you are, are also more stable at this time because of your own inner stability.

Your outlook on life has also reached a point of equilibrium. You have a good understanding of how you look at life, and it works well enough that you may not question it very much. The problem is that this is not a time of testing, so you don't know how well your ideas will stand up to future crisis. You only know how well they withstood past tests. But the future is always different, and what happens in the future depends upon what is true at that time. Therefore you must keep your mind open and flexible. You only know what you know, and that is not everything. Continue to examine yourself and see what could be improved. Even if your life is satisfactory now, it may not always be.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
born on 4 May 1960
Saturn Trine Saturn
activity period from middle of October 2008 until beginning of August 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

And you, Mr or Ms Critical...your horoscope had some interesting words.

Today you feel full of energy, decisive, maybe even belligerent and possibly also ruthless. The physical drive also makes itself clearly felt. At the same time it is possible that you hurt yourself and others when it comes to arguments with people who are very close to you - a good friend or, of course, your partner if you are in a relationship. As a result of your current, possibly somewhat more self-confident and demanding style, you may unintentionally hurt and provoke your counterpart into delivering a blow below the belt. For this reason, you should now make a conscious effort to be especially careful to respect the feelings and sensitivities of others.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
born 13 June 1958
Mars Conjunction Chiron, , exact at 10:43
activity period from 4 March 2009 to 6 March 2009

Attention to all the readers of this blog:

If you remotely think you are going to be pissed off at something I write,

don't read this.

If you think something might remotely be about you,
please, check to see if I put your name, address, city, state, zip,
email address, and phone number.

If so, then it is about you.

If I DIDN'T post a name or a city,
then take it as you may, with a grain of salt.

I am sick and fucking tired of these piss-ant little people who get their panties in a knot because they think they are exempt from my thoughts, written, and, in some cases, photographed.

I've taken enough communications law classes to know my rights.

And you (and you know who you are) have no fucking right in telling me how I need to edit my life to exclude you.

Sure, there were good times, but most of the time it was your way,
or no way at all.

Remember when I couldn't bring my greyhound up to your place?
Then your "friend" did, and you totally denied saying I couldn't bring Grace up to your place.

Remember when I told you about my back problems,
and you said I was being grand?

Nobody asked you to pay the fucking medical bills,
and nobody asked you to go through the surgery instead of me.

You need to take a good hard look in the mirror,
after you remove your mask.

And come out from your shell, and actually interact with people,
before you make judgements.

And last I checked, you're not on the payroll as my editor.

So shut the fuck up.


Pineapple Tossing

Scribbles on scraps of paper

Porta placerat nisi.
Nunc accumsan aliquam.

Scribbles on scraps of paper

but creation needs to be nurtured by those who hold the creation and the creator in esteem because I am an authority on how quickly confidence, with no one to bolster it, can disappear on a daily basis.

Neil Simon

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

& about that pre-op tranny I never dated!!!
Dayle + me, c. 1985 - 1987

The Saint|2nd and St Marks
I was there! Proof!

Note that I paid a mere $20, and on a house card, for a club known for its exorbitant fees, and the policy that you could only get in with a sponsoring member in good standing. Oh. And you couldn't be black (in 1983) and don't even think about it if you were a woman, unless your name was Grace Jones, or you were the entertainment dropped from the cavernous ceiling. Thanks to my great friend Bob Braucci I was able to circumvent all that and slide right in.

All I can tell you about The Saint's 1983 Hallowe'en party is that the music was so fucking awesome, and that when I walked out of the place at 4p the next afternoon, it was the most shocking and decadent feeling I'd EVER had in my life.

Then I boarded a Greyhound bus and came home!

Another late afternoon exit from the original den of iniquity.
Before the jump over to the Greyhound bus to get back home,
I remember purchasing a huge bouquet of "New York flowers" for my mother,
as this was Mother's Day, I think. Or a week later.

Either way, all I could think of was "bless me Father, BOY have I sinned!"

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is a bullet good for America?

Not that I believe anyone needs to DIE, but if the media weren't so fucking stupid, they wouldn't be giving Rush so much attention, and he'd disappear like yesterday's diaper.

Instead, they keep playing the same fucking loop, ignoring other (perhaps more important) news, and the cigar-smoking pig keeps spewing his vomit all over the networks.

Rush, if you hope that Obama fails, I hope there's a bullet out there with your name on it.

Personally, I'd love to sew your lips shut.
After I cut your balls off and shoved them down your throat.

In the future, people will remember Barack Obama.
They won't remember critics, like you.


Monday, March 02, 2009

L8r, 8-track!
Hasta la vista, Vinyl.
Cast out the cassettes!
This Day in History|1983: The Compact Disc

The beginning of the end for the music industry as we knew it.
The compact disc.

And this was still at least 15 years before Napster and the dreaded digital download!

Fuck Rush Limbaugh.
Are crosshairs good for America?

The Vault|1997
self-portrait with Grace; Hollywood FL

Lou Reed is 67? Talk about LUCKY!


Mario is an 80something full-blooded Italian stone mason, who is now a general contractor.
I can't remember exactly how he got the gash in the middle of his head,
but there was no major hospital or surgery available when it happened to him in his early 20s,
so now, well, he has a more memorable forehead than Mikhail Gorbechev.


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T33, natural light

The Vault|c. 1994
Lincoln Road, South Beach

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spit or Swallow?

T-Dance, South Beach
Book-cover (dummy)

The Vault|Miami 1990s
T-Dance (Strip)

Top: self-portrait, shadow

The Vault|1980
Self-portrait, March 1980
Scared, Unscarred

Here's a few facts about this photograph which truly illustrates that a picture is worth a thousand words:

• the original is a 35mm color infrared slide
• the location of the photograph was Lake Quassapaug, Middlebury, CT
• there are no scars on my spine to this point.

Since Spring Break 1980, I have had five (5) spinal surgeries:
• 1980, lumbar laminectomy (Dr Michael Karnasiewicz)
• 1986, cervical excision, rear, C2-C3 (Dr Michael Karnasiewicz)
• 2001, lumbar discectomy (Dr Kenneth Kramer)
• 2002, lumbar discectomy (Dr Kenneth Kramer)
• 2008, ACDF, C4-C5, C6-C7; (Dr Kenneth Kramer)

And this is omitting the fact that I was bedridden for one year (approx 1972, sixth grade), and had to wear a Milwaukee brace for about 1 and one-half years (1971 – 1973)

So I've had my surgeries, worn my braces, and spent time bedridden (during which, among other things, I did read the dictionary!)

I have military-perfect posture, can put both palms flat on the floor without bending my knees one bit, and I have 100% ROM (range of motion) post-op for the ACDF.

I wouldn't wish all this on anyone.

Here's my thought:

My blog is like a diary. It lies unopened on a table.
You can choose to open it and read it when I'm not around,
or you can let the sleeping pit bull lie.

The difference between me and a majority of the world is that I write about what I feel. Internalizing my thoughts would have killed me years ago, specifically September 22, 2003.

I don't mention names, addresses, and phone numbers.
No one. Never had, never did.
The only direct contact might be a link to a website of a friend who is a photographer, maintains their own site, and appreciates the cyber-shout-out.

Imagine lying on the operating table with thoughts of a 24-year friendship haunting you as the anaesthetist slips the juice into your arm, and cups your face saying "breathe deeply" and "relax."

And all I wanted was a hand to hold.
Coulda been yours.

But instead I just slipped off into the netherworld.


Freddie Mercury|AIDS
The Banned Photograph

Portrait of me by David Vance.

scan from Polaroid original; circa 1995, Miami

Mood Meter.