Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Lovers by Rene Magritte

Cupid by Caravaggio

This Day in History|Gregory Hines, 1945


It's relatively hard to come up with a fresh idea for a horror movie of any type these days (barring the Asians). This movie has moments reminiscent of THE CELL, SAW, HOSTEL (to be sure), and many of the movies which bled before it.

Somehow I'm not surprised I figured out part of the ending. It would have been a bit creepier if they'd made it more homoerotic towards the end. That would have made it ickier.

But the end-end? Not surprised in the least.

This was a good movie overall, but the most fun was looking for the scenes lifted from other movies.

This Valentine's Day|What I love

In no particular order:

1. Justice League of American c. 1967
2. TEXAS and Sharleen Spiteri
3. disco music c. 1976 - 1981
4. Queen + Freddie Mercury
5. Joel-Peter Witkin
6. Ancient Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum
7. pumpkins
8. Steinway Concert Grand
9. Tartan Asia Extreme Horror
10. Moulin Rouge
11. FATE Magazine
12. Grace Jones
13. Astrology
14. the dictionary
15. greyhounds
16. cemeteries
17. Caravaggio
18. de Chirico
19. museums
20. full moons
21. really scary movies (really)
22. most anything orange
23. Mapplethorpe
24. Arbus
25. ?

Christie's|Madonna Nude at Auction
Photo by Lee Friedlander

The photograph of Madonna, taken when she was an artist's model for Lee Friedlander, was auctioned at Christie's. Pre-auction estimates ranged from $10,000 - $15,000.

Surprisingly, the gavel price was $37,500, excluding the house commission.

The photograph was purchased by an Italian business man, who plans to put the photograph on display at his business' headquarters.

Note: If you are going to SNATCH a look at Madonna's SNATCH, the least you can do is leave a comment!!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grant Wood.

The Person Responsible for
President Barack Obama.

Goodby Silverstein Plagiarizes Hyundai ad!!

Here's the email sent to Linda Harless, director of creative services.
Only the names of people have been blurred out.

Shameless plagiarism of the highest order.
Not only did they NOT get back to me,
but it's clear they STOLE the basic premise of the ad,
easily viewed by reading and searching this blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodby Silverstein: The plagiarized ad.

Posted originally in August 2007, on this site.
Therefore, also registered as a copyrighted idea.


Any dai's
a good dai
for a Hyundai.



Any day's
a good day
for a Hyundai.

Think about it.
Goodby Silverstein plagiarizes Super Bowl Sunday Ad.

Here's the skinny.

In August, this blog posted an idea for a Hyundai ad based on the pronunciation relationship between Hyundai (HUN-DAY) and the days of the week, for emphasis.

The original posting can be found here.

Goodby Silverstein acquired Hyundai as a client in 2007, and first off the block was the pathetic DUH campaign, which was not well received at the dealership level.

In November 2007, the author of this blog, and the creative mind behind the first "Hyundai - Sunday" ad contacted on Ms Harless, creative services for Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco asking for information as to how to present an idea to the agency for a possible ad, whether print or television.

In the body of the email was a link to this blog.

No response was received. Site statistics, however, revealed that someone in San Francisco accessed this blog, and viewed the link for the ad (as posted above).

Fast-forward to 2009, and the Super Bowl. Hun-day. Like Sun-day.

A blatant rip-off of my idea if there ever was.


Well-suited for battle here, Goodby Silverstein should now be advised they are in for quite the fight. Lifting ideas directly from this site, and "reworking" them to incorporate the Genesis isn't far enough from the premise set forth initially.

So. Goodby Silverstein? Are you listening?

Because you are about to be taken down in a very public forum.

Battle gear on.



Dying is easy,
it's living that scares me to death.

Come to me
Run to me
Do and be done with me

(Cold cold cold)
Don't I exist for you
Don't I still live for you
(Cold cold cold)
Everything I possess
Given with tenderness
Wrapped in a ribbon of glass
Time it may take us but God only knows
How I've paid for those things in the past

Dying is easy it's living that scares me to death
I could be so content hearing the sound of your breath (ohh yeah)
Cold is the colour of crystal the snowlight
That falls from the heavenly skies
Catch me and let me dive under
For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

I want to be with you baby
Ohhhh Slip me inside of your heart
Don't I belong to you baby
Don't you know that nothing can tear us apart
Come on now come on now come on now
Telling you that
right from the start...
But the more I want you the less I get
Ain't that just the way things are...

Winter has frozen us
Let love take hold of us
(Cold cold cold)
Now we are shivering
Blue ice is glittering
(Cold cold cold)

Cold is the colour of crystal the snowlight
That falls from the heavenly skies
Catch me and let me dive under
For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

Don't you its......Cold
Ohhhhhhh Yeah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dream Duets|Annie Lennox + Jimmy Somerville

Who knew they were BOTH Scottish!

New Media Darlings|Ft. Myers

First: The Kiss (no, not Rodin)
Ms. Henrietta Hughes

While I totally empathize with Ms Hughes' situation, and her "immediate" need
(and her brilliant question "...our own bathroom..."),
would President Obama have kissed a white woman?
would he have kissed a man? would he have been motivated to shake their hand instead?

I'm sure someone in the media (Ann The C-word) will make hay of this.

Second: The Hat. Julio whatever. Rabid Ric Sanchez has already tried the EspaƱol angle.

I guarantee the media will dig them up, put them on Larry King Jive,
and make of them the new "Joe the Plumber."

Ya' think?

Goodby Silverstein plagiarizes Hyundai ad!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Vault|c. 1987

Now where did I put my hockey stick?

Pet Shop Boys|YES!

1. Love etc.
2. All Over the World
3. Beautiful People
4. Did You See Me Coming?
5. Vulnerable
6. More Than a Dream
7. Building a Wall
8. King of Rome
9. Pandemonium
10. The Way It Used To Be
11. Legacy

Sunday, February 08, 2009

brilliant. Moving. TRUE.

If you were born in and around 1960,
you NEED to see this movie.

The one thing that kinda shocks me about this movie and the amount of press it's received?

The storm which was raised around BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

The #1 question for all the talking heads? "Ummm. Jake? Heath? What was it like to kiss a man?"

And they had, what? A few lip-locks?

Sean Penn was all about the man in MILK. Not only did he passionately represent a dark moment in (gay) American history as a beacon of hope, but he slipped into a persona, and never let go.

He kissed men. He had it believable. He shared a bed with a man, and made the post-coital talk believable.

And while we knew about the end from the beginning, it was as equally heartbreaking as the end of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, which, somehow, we didn't really see coming.


It's all about media hype.

Jake kisses Heath kisses Jake. STOP THE PRESSES!

Sean Penn kisses, well, a few guys, and, sadly, the press only managed to dilute the moment by tossing a little water its way.

We all have had a BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN in our past. And it was real to each of us.


It is PART of our past, and it was very, very real.

Born – Died.
Jules Verne's Tombstone.

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?

Robert Browning (1812-1889)

This Day in History|1828

Jules Verne was born on February, 8 1828, at 12:00 PM in Nantes, France.

Once Upon a Time, There was Hope.

Drive by. Today. Watertown.

Remnants|The Studio Bathroom Wall

I'm lovin' me BEHR's VOLCANIC BLAST.

I painted this, thinkin' I'd be pondering the walls for a long, long time.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

What the FCUK were THE DOCTORS thinking?

Can you say POST-PARTUM?

Is she going to hang them? drown them? shoot them? cook 'em in the oven??

What are people going to do?
"Oh, that's terrible." "Somebody should've done something." "Didn't anyone know anything?"

We do.

SO DO IT NOW, before it's too late.

I don't want someone reading this blog, saying "OMG! I read on this blog someone said this was gonna happen!!!"

Seriously. What the FCUK?


This is sick.



Born in 1931|James Dean

What's great, really great, about this photograph is that it WASN'T taken by Bruce Weber.

But Bruce Weber lifted from this image more than once.

James Dean

The other candle in the wind.

Astrology|Sun Opposition Moon

Personal Daily Horoscope
Sunday, 8 February 2009
born 4 May 1960

Polarities|Sun Opposition Moon, , exact at 11:56

You will probably encounter tension today between your personal needs and your public and professional duties. You may feel that you are being pulled in two different directions that are almost impossible to pursue simultaneously. Events that happen today emphasize the polarity in your life, so that you have to distinguish continually between "myself" and "them," subjective and objective, conscious intention and unconscious impulses, public and private. At its worst, this influence can be quite difficult, and you may feel as though everything were breaking down. It all depends upon how much you have de-emphasized emotion and feeling in favor of rational intellect. On the other hand, if your feelings and your conscious intentions have taken the same direction, this can also be a day of high energy and achievement.

activity period from 7 February 2009 to 9 February 2009


I'm tired of telling the story
Tired of telling it your way

20 years of TEXAS + Sharleen Spiteri


Sharleen Spiteri.

If you haven't heard TEXAS or Sharleen Spiteri, or, sadder indeed, if you have never HEARD OF Texas or Sharleen Spiteri, get yourself over to YouTube and check 'em out.

You will not be disappointed.