Monday, December 28, 2009

Versus 2009.
The Year in Color|Black v White

Let's see now.

I'll start with the blacks:

1. President Barack Obama
2. Oprah
3. Tiger
4. Grace (Jones, you morons)
5. Mo'Nique
6. Gaboray Sidibe
7. Jennifer Hudson
8. Michael Jackson

Now, the whites:

1. Jon & Kate
2. The White House Party Crashers
3. Balloon Boy's Parents
4. The Reality Show Serial Killer
5. Michael Phelps
6. Annie (Lennox, you morons)

OK. So maybe putting Phelps is that crowd is WRONG WRONG WRONG. But at least he bellied up to the bar about his peccadillo.

Seems to me, barring Phelps and Lennox, we have a boatload of white folk wanna-be people, who just crave, or fucked, their 15 minutes.

Wha' cha thinkin'?

And if you look at the black list, barring Tiger "I'm really white, really" Woods, everyone else can hold their head up high.

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Anonymous said...

tiger woods is not black..